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Dont take MY word for it, listen for yourself. Watch ALL of it, trust me, it get’s worse.

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Choir Video Worst Choir Ever?

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Worst Choir Ever?
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    William Davis says:

    did they even try?

    williamQ190 says:

    grandmom's spaghetti

    LngVly22 says:

    I feel bad for them because they really tried, but they just can't sing. At least they're good Christians.

    my name says:

    WTF!!!! who talked them into this. thats taking advantage of old people. half of them didnt know where they were

    Azizi Othman says:


    Anouk Jordi says:

    The piano was good.

    tori wreckslevaj says:

    my only question is who decided this was a good idea to let this happen? they probably have beautiful choral voices! 😯

    Semoine Sykes says:

    Every time I watch this, it gives me LIFE!!!

    Maia Jones says:

    +Scott Green u r correct it is very bad at the beginning

    DeaH L says:

    i thought it said "Best Choir Ever"

    CandyKane Buffalo says:

    yeah its the worst

    CandyKane Buffalo says:

    or maybe it is o-o….

    CandyKane Buffalo says:


    crazy cookies days says:

    the cringest reallest video ever

    Kris Król says:

    This is just like the bit out of scary movie lmfao the piano scene

    Nerdgird says:

    When the teacher asks everyone to read. 0:54

    Julianna TheCat says:

    how to be hip with the kids

    Ladondorf says:

    Of all the songs they could have them sing…

    my comment won't go viral says:

    moms spaghetti

    Esmeralda davis says:

    this shit had me weak asf😂

    Evelyn Milne says:

    Is this the finished product or the first rehearsal? Maybe if he gave them something decent to sing instead of that garbage they might be able to relate to the music a bit better. A few of them have ok voices.

    TheConorsmithusa says:

    Eminem would probably be rather mad

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