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Choir Video WHY DON’T WE | Who Sings The Chorus?

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Why Don’t We | Who Sings <span class='fc_lc'>the</span> Chorus?
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    Jonah_.Cabello On IG says:

    If you’re gonna hate, then expect to get dragged lmao. @problematicstans. Don’t come on my channel watching my videos if you don’t like what I make. Simple as that

    Bean says:

    First of all I never knew they had that many songs


    I really love them all specially zach and I'm so proud of him but i think Jonah should have more parts than that🙁…just sayin'

    am sø dun with life says:

    yall should know singing the chorus has nothing to do with how good the voice is , it's about thebmost fitting voice for it

    Rico Gabrielle says:

    I'm a biggest fan

    Rico Gabrielle says:

    I'm crying because I want to see you guys in real life 😭😭

    chloe walczak says:

    it’s mainly daniel and zach 💕 i’m in jonah’s lane, so obviously i’m upset that he never gets to sing much. but i love them, and this video btw 💕

    Naela Mashkoor says:

    didn't jonah sing tje chorus for free???

    Changer YouTube says:

    Mostly Zach sings the chorus most often

    Davinaa says:

    Pour jonah😅😍

    Jack Avery says:

    This is so easy 😂 I love them btw

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