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Vision Choir in der Lighthouse Church in Ludwigsburg am 1. Mai 2014

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Choir Video Vision Choir What A Friend We Have In Jesus

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Vision Choir – What A Friend We Have <span class='fc_lc'>in</span> Jesus
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    Joseph Fernando says:

    indeed am blessed listening to this powerful song,

    Dominic Fernandes says:


    Susan Faith says:

    Thanks God bless

    John Crew says:

    Fala sério, ficou tão harmonioso e gostoso, como pode não gostar

    Phyllis Beckford says:

    Precious Savior still our refuge. Yes He is . yes He is. Lovely .voices. Thank you. Jesus bless .

    ansbert anthony says:

    so impressing to praise the Lord!

    Aung Lin says:

    God bless thank tou Lord

    Sesei Khongsai says:

    So sweet…..

    Antonio Gabriel says:

    You can see the joyful smiles on their faces. That alone is a blessing. Jesus be blessed forever

    Gretchen Bellamy says:

    These songs are very touching makes me cry

    Etché Magloire says:

    What a friend we havé un JESUS

    SheilaJo Woodraska says:

    Absolutely Beautiful Children and Hearts…I have to play and share on Facebook💜Thank-You 'lil' Earth-Angels💜

    Thokozani Ndebele says:

    Sweet voices,smiles and innocent faces


    Wow love this

    nbstv editorial says:

    RIP Richie Kats

    Richenda Carter says:

    Just so beautiful. Thank you and may God bless each and every one of you

    Martin J says:

    These children come trailing crowds of glory.
    This contrasts with the trash on tv that passes for entertainment.
    Many wonderful prayerful kids will never get near mainline tv, because Jesus is centre of their lives . And the entertainment world don’t want to serve God. Keep going for Jesus. Amen..?

    bujang slamat says:


    David Ira says:

    Amen God bless you all abound lam very happy

    Martinez United says:

    Please where can I get an audio for this song? Please?

    Patrick Niyonzima says:

    I like this choir.May our Lord God bless you!

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