Download “unstoppable” Ps22 Chorus Ft. Ithacappella (by the Score) - Choir Video 2019

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PS22 celebrated College Week with our inspirational big bros from Ithacappella and this phenomenal song by The Score! Prepare yourself for a sonic festival that will leave you feeling “Unstoppable” this Friday morning!!

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Choir Video Unstoppable PS22 Chorus Ft. Ithacappella (by The Score)

“unstoppable” Ps22 Chorus Ft. Ithacappella (by <span class='fc_lc'>the</span> Score)
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    Manuel Terrazas says:

    You should have the kids do This is me from the greatest showman

    melissa ann says:


    Would love to hear the song "THE CHAMPION" from Carrier Underwood. These kids would take that song to whole new level from the enthusiasm they have when they sing. Go for it!! 👍

    Kate Luxor says:

    Great job kids! So impressed!

    jomfritz says:

    You are! You are! You are unstoppable!

    V. S. says:

    What this music teacher does with his students over and over, year after year is what we all wish all of our teachers had done for us. Imagine how we would go through life if each of our teachers had taught us to skillfully unearth our passion, joy, and delight for all the subjects they taught us. When I was a little kid I went to school every day with an unspoken excitement about the potentially amazing things that just might happen or that I might learn every day. By the 5th or 6th grade I recognized that the potential was almost always unmet and school was sort of a drag because no one was inspired or excited about the topics we were learning, not even the teachers, so my excitement about school waned. By high school I could not wait for the torment and torture to be over; years of going to have unhappy people teach me subjects and material without passion, with lifeless expressions on their faces and in their voices. I went from the top of all my classes to grades that encompassed the entire grading scale. I barely got into a good university and I was totally clueless about what I wanted to do with my life.

    I know teachers have tough jobs, but they signed up for that. Teachers, rise up to the challenge! When you watch these musical anomalies ask yourself how you can put your best self into your students so that you can bring their best selves to the forefront. They will need to know how to tap into that effervescent force to get through life well.

    I may not be a singer, but these videos challenge me to tap into my inspired happy place and saturate everything I do with excitement, a can-do attitude, and drain out as much potential as I can so that I leave an impressive mark on the people and experiences I encounter. THAT is one way to make America great again.

    Road Warrior says:

    Beautiful, Fantastic, Bravo. What more can I say.🙏🙏🎶🎶

    copcarguymn says:

    Greg once again all your extremely hard work has paid off.

    The kids once again nailed there performance of this song.

    I believe the kids really nailed this song out of the ballpark again.

    Prime96 says:

    Amazing! Love ypur guys channel!

    Joy Mechell says:

    I want to join this choir sooooo bad . But I'm 22 😩😂 way above the age limit . I absolutely love this choir and their voices . The joy on their faces as they sing is what the world needs more of

    Leslie says:

    The passion these children have for their music is awesome! Loved it!

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