Download Tshwane Gospel Choir – Praise Him Alone - Choir Video 2019

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Tshwane Gospel Choir singing “Praise Him Alone”

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Choir Video Tshwane Gospel Choir Praise Him Alone

Tshwane Gospel Choir – Praise Him Alone
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    kamo tsime says:

    Seithati & Thabang Sarela, doing their out most…. What a worship 🙂 "Indeed let everything that has a breath praise the name of the most high God"

    Lethukuthula Mlethi says:

    ok.. i think m ready for another one plzz upload another song

    Lethukuthula Mlethi says:

    woow!!!!!!!! tshwane gospel is under spirit tunes now?

    Gabii G Francis says:

    Wooooow blown away

    ndubane hlulani says:

    from the rising of the sun, to the going down of the same. This is pure gospel.

    Kutlwano Diale says:

    Grateful to be blessed with this awesome lady's voice every single Sunday!!!!!!!Lets praise God Alone!!!!!

    Mvumelwano Lengisi says:

    they let this lady down..she was supposed to lead this alone

    Muhluri Evander says:

    roland rd2000 has truly taken over

    Pretty Mphokane says:

    Someone balance me…so Tshwane Gospel Choir is part of Spirit Music?

    Beautiful song

    Matshidiso Ditirwa says:

    way maker praise him

    Thobani Shiburi says:

    Glory glory….Praise goes to you Jehovah…

    Thandeka Gambu says:

    Glory be to the man above

    Keba Newness Starx Moiyabana says:

    WOW! I can't get enough of this song, i have been listen to it the whole day. There is a point i even slept listening it and it was just playing over and over in my mind. Let everything that has the breath praise you alone Jesus. We magnify you King of Glory. You are worthy to be praised. YOU deserve of our praises my Lord.

    Samantha Andile says:

    wow what wonderful song..he is worthy to be praised

    Martha Thoko says:

    Oh my G O D!!!!🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 yeah let's praise him🙏

    Christina Msemoh says:

    Tanzania's in the house please say haleluyaaaa

    Christina Msemoh says:

    Ooooh Lord what anointing…..I was feel headache and fever iam healed and now iam singing….. Uuuuuh praiseee Master Jesus

    Monwabisi Mayekiso says:

    Let everything that has breath Worship you alone….Blessssssssed

    Takura Chamuka says:

    I feel JEESUUUS!!!

    Morolo Jay Maponya says:

    My good good God. Eish……..

    sphokazi favourite says:

    my GOD wow glory be to GOD

    Faraja Henry says:

    I can't wait for this album! God bless you all

    Tunu Mayemba says:

    huhuhuhu wow i feel the anointing….and God power filled my room now huhuhuhu…. wow we praise him alone no one like him huhuhuhu….

    Baraka Waya says:

    Nqubeko is the greatest producer

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