Download Thorpy Fx Unleash the Deep Oggin Chorus – Namm 2019 - Choir Video 2019

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Thorpy FX Deep Oggin Chorus Pedal

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Choir Video Thorpy FX Unleash The Deep Oggin Chorus NAMM 2019

Thorpy Fx Unleash <span class='fc_lc'>the</span> Deep Oggin Chorus – Namm 2019
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  • Comments

    Lorry Pop says:

    Chorus is one of those effects for me when I have it – rarely gets used but I'd badly want it when it isn't there. That might be one to check out.

    Oisin McPhillips says:

    Mr Thorpy looks like he could break most guitar players in half.

    EDGAR BEJA says:

    Great tone! It reminds me of the old Ibanez RC 99 🙂

    Jupiter MacWillow says:

    Pretty spectacular chorus, if you're into chorusing, which I'm not, but if I was this would be the go-to pedal. Extremely wide sweep, nice definition, lots of room to play and the thing looks like it could survive World War III.

    By Thomas says:

    By the look of things that dude has eaten Lee. But great pedal though.

    Rob says:

    Reminds me of stone deaf

    carson victory says:

    wish i had money

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