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Choir Video The Gyuto Monks Tibetan Tantric Choir

<span class='fc_lc'>the</span> Gyuto Monks – Tibetan Tantric Choir
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    Rita Machete says:

    This morning’s meditation courtesy of Tibetan Gyuto Monks

    Check yourself before you wreck yourself (online)

    karatekai01 says:

    Is awesome!! Thanks!!

    Johann Kotze says:

    Great #vibrations of the #Tibetan Monks, great for #Muladhara chakra! The
    Gyuto monks – Tibetan tantric choir 

    Ghang Chenpa says:

    Big thank you for uploading this

    Zak Thackwray says:

    8:00 minutes in.. is that divine geometry and to test their connection to
    the universe and the universes connection to them too?

    ryan lee says:

    Tibetan Buddhism. Perhaps the darkest religion on the earth if you
    understood deep enough. Yet it is still fascinating to millions of
    westerners brainwashed by their media backing it politically. Tibetans must
    be free from China first then from this sick religion.

    Alain DEUDJUI says:

    The Gyuto monks – Tibetan tantric choir

    Johann Kotze Music & Yoga Stellenbosch says:

    Great #vibrations of the #Tibetan Monks, great for #Muladhara chakra! The
    Gyuto monks – Tibetan tantric choir 

    Johann Kotze Music & Yoga says:

    Great #vibrations of the #Tibetan Monks, great for #Muladhara chakra! The
    Gyuto monks – Tibetan tantric choir 

    Luna Mickey says:

    Beautiful and powerful

    Diego Sartorato says:

    So they live in the highest place of the world and use seashells as musical
    instruments? Is that so?

    ursislatvis says:

    Well, people with christian background are often scared by tibetan tantric
    buddhist imagery. And advanced buddhist gurus like Marpa, Naropa or Tilopa
    really used to act without mercy to push their students strong enough. 

    Swisher Sweets says:

    I’m definitely no expert on this, but to me the clapping and pushing seems
    to be the transfer of energy from one another, energy of positivity and
    teaching. I get the chills from just listening to this. Very very powerful

    PADDY Baldwin says:

    The Gyuto monks – Tibetan tantric choir

    Yuichi Inumaru says:

    Lyrics plz

    PADDY Baldwin says:

    The Gyuto monks – Tibetan tantric choir

    Timothy Stevens says:

    That…. is alot of energy
    Probably the most ive ever felt and the fact that it was via transmission
    trips me out lol

    azadeh nikzadeh says:

    wow! it was amazing but what is the ritual they were performing? I mean,
    the red statuette and other things. 

    KidsOnCrack33 says:

    Anyone willing to pick me up from ireland and place me in Tibet? WE will
    ascend :D

    kitiowa says:

    What Irony that Ryan Lee thinks Tibet needs to be freed first from the
    Chinese then their religion. The PRC justifies it’s occupation of Tibet by
    saying they are civilizing the Tibetans and freeing them from their
    superstitious religion.

    I am a Westerner who saw the benefit in leaving Christianity for Buddhism.
    Karma is demonstrated to be again and again, just as the Buddha taught.
    Religious focus and direction in Buddhism is designed to make one a better
    person and to make one happy.

    Christianity, by contrast, tells one don’t worry about being happy-your
    reward will come after this life is some arbitrary God decides to puts them
    in His Heaven. Of course that arbitrary God may decide to damn you to an
    eternal suffering of a Hell.

    I am so glad I can follow the eightfold path and know it is leading me in
    the direction that is best. 

    Septomicron says:

    +WhatsUpWorldItsGawa maybe it’s a Pop-Quiz! :D

    Chilarai B says:

    The Gyuto Monastery, like others, relocated to India after the Chinese
    invasion in 1959. This I believe is in taking place in Dharamsala, Northern
    India. The “clapping” you see is actually a form of debate that helps to
    train acolyte monks. They slap their palms together to emphasize a point.

    nkay666 says:

    What mantra are they chanting?

    WhatsUpWorldItsGawa says:

    they are quizzing each other with knowledge questions. but im unsure on the
    reason for the the clapping

    unptitourabicyclette says:

    what are they doing by clapping them hand to each other ? thank

    michael mesa says:

    I love this stuff, it helps to bring my body systems down to a relax state
    and good for helping with my sleep insomnia.

    MrDlobMusic says:

    they are showing the “now”

    StarBird Parrot says:

    They have a table sitting on a leopard skin with the head. Not very
    compassionate to kill an endangered species and put a table on it. I am
    absolutely shocked.

    ShekinaBodhisattva says:

    very powerful… very deep… amazing i love the video too !

    gtg de says:

    So this is where they got the Painkiller end portal sound. Yueey yueey
    yuueh mah, muah yueeh yueeh muah, Yueeeeaaa.

    handelsme says:

    Whose to say that they didn’t find the leopard dead and use it’s skin not
    to be wasteful… think about shit before you talk.

    Nuwaupu999 says:

    Wow! This is truly beautiful , thank you so much for these powerful
    vibrations of the Universe .

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