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A Winnipeg high school teaches children from 42 different countries. To increase everyone’s sense of belonging, the school choir is learning songs in a dozen languages, including Swahili, French, English, Hebrew and a Spanish dialect from Colombia.

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Choir Video School Choir Sings In A Dozen Languages

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School Choir Sings <span class='fc_lc'>in</span> A Dozen Languages
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    kyuu akamashi says:

    Thats why the girl in pink seemed sooo familiar! We went to the same school 🤣

    Leisure Larry says:

    Propaganda, programming,

    Nineteen Sixty-Nine says:

    A country with no common culture, so we celebrate "diversity."

    Steve Smith says:

    This is further proof that diversity does not work.

    freewheeler88 says:

    Canada… The worlds dumping ground for every Race, Creed, and Culture,but all these differences,(Diversity),are going to "make us strong" is the lying Mantra of the Globalists that are Destroying our Racial and Cultural Foundations, the ones that made us a Great Nation amoung the 137 World Nations, most of which, apart from Europeon ones, are "S Holes," because of the People and or Cultures that inhabit them, who the Destructive Leftists are importing at the rate of over 200 a day into Canada…..Canada was "The True North Strong and Free" long before Diversity /Multicultralism/and Cultural Marxism was introduced here in 1965.

    Barry William Teske says:

    BRAVO young people! Grow together! Grow strong!

    Conway79 says:

    So nice to see. I wish I had the opportunity to learn about other cultures and languages when I was their age. I'm trying to learn Swahili now and it's not easy.

    Pickles says:

    Next batch of Trump protesters

    Pickles says:

    Social justice warriors in training

    pathfinder _red says:

    Do you know in America, Americans take pride in speaking "American"

    R De Roche says:

    This makes me cry. So beautiful… This teacher needs an award. Knowing the volatile climate we are in she has definitely allowed young students to appreciate the fact that we are unique but not different

    Cloudspeaker says:

    This is beautiful. This is Canada!

    Cloudspeaker says:

    THIS is Canada. Dear trolls, take note; our cultural diversity is a long standing point of pride for Canadians. More than crafting a false identity with no likes, activity or background online, to appear to actually be one of us you must have a clue as to our character as a people. Our values, etc.

    Hint: not the same as Americans, you will find.

    Wcat SK eye says:

    🇨🇳🇷🇺 俄羅斯中學 實施 漢語文 納入高考制度 趕快跟上這步伐 加拿大公立學校

    sweiland75 says:

    Your public tax dollars at work assimilating Canadian culture in the name of multiculturalism.

    EA Clarke says:

    OMG, the negative comments on such a beautiful story taking place in Canada – I guess right-wing trolls only know one language and are not familiar with the language and spirit of music or of Canada.

    seannootherway says:

    Looks like the inbred hillbillies are up in anger over This! Lol

    alan liu says:

    Lmao. All these people getting upset because kids are learning to sing songs in other languages are just hilarious. It's pathetic. And it also says a lot about how they view Canadian culture. They view it as incredibly weak and fragile; otherwise, why be afraid of somebody singing in Swahili? It's not like they're even expecting these students to learn how to speak fluent Swahili. They're literally singing a song and learning how to pronounce the words. When I played a violin piece about the Holocaust, we were required to study the background and context of the piece and its author, as well as learn the meanings of its lyrics in Hebrew. I didn't feel like my culture or my identity was threatened by this exposure to multiculturalism, but then again, that's probably because I'm not a paranoid freak with little else to be proud about save for my the achievements of people who happen to hold the same nationality or citizenship as me.

    Yes Sure says:

    Mississauga, Ontario, Canada has about 150 languages spoken……….

    sun star says:

    Every human has the human rights. Speaking own languages will make human happy.

    Blazed and Confused says:

    Hebrew, of course.

    IsBoR says:

    Hey CBC lets hear more about that Kunt from Saudi Arabia and women's rights !

    Canadian Nationalist says:

    This is modern day colonialism & ethnic cleansing of the European descended native Canadian, and just like the colonialists of old the "system" is in FULL SUPPORT of it. Why is it acceptable in the 21st century, to replace / disturb an entire nation with incompatible foreigners, and yet condemn the colonialist movements of old…?

    Deplorable Patriot says:

    Diversity is killing Europe. The US and Canada are following closely behind. If you want to be part of Canada or the American Dream…assimilate and learn ENGLISH! You fled some crap country…why bring it with you?

    Just an Albertan says:

    as the west is destroyed by multiculturalism… disgusting

    PerrinLogainKadanFan says:

    So beautiful!

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