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The Red Army Choir Katusha.

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Choir Video Red Army Choir Katusha

Red Army Choir Katusha
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    Tide Pods says:

    Every Russian December in Christmas morning

    Josh J. says:

    The red army choir is cool the music is beautiful but communism sucks.why would somebody want communism when communist nations killed so many innocent people for the “cause”.
    Capitalism all the way😀

    _SealedKiller_ says:

    Moj deda je ovo slusao stalno kao I ostale pesme. Nedostaje mi, on me je uveo u Rusku muziku.
    For u americans translate dis from Serbian to English.
    Cuz Im lazy to type it out
    Zivela Rusija

    fllamber says:

    Hope nothing bad occurs to Russia.
    Best of luck from Brazil

    Арсений Гладких says:

    I am Ilya I am Rusian

    Nikola Markovic says:

    I can hear katyusha firing , just like Storm of Stalin , i love it , beautiful

    Gevorg Saroyan says:

    Araj maskve

    Sergio Perez says:

    Rest in peace from Spain

    J-Torrent7k says:

    You forgot the 'y', to Gulag with you.

    Big money says:

    Cheeki breeki

    Frederik Høyrup says:

    I was tought this when i was 9 years old. The lyrics was abit less sinister than the soviet ones… Yet the melody lingers. We should pay teachers more. Hehe…

    Лев Поляков says:

    Katusha is Kate

    Maksim Lougasi says:

    What a glorious music, although I don’t understand what they say, it’s truly glorious

    ThotDestroyer says:

    Soviet union collapses..
    F to pay respect
    Respect from Macedonia.

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