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Lyrics video for Dawn Chorus by Racoon Racoon

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Artwork by ??
(I’m not sure who it belongs to, if anyone knows I would of course credit them)

(This is not my song nor do I own any of the rights to this song,
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Oh, I leave what’s wrong
Cause I’ve seen dawn ending the night
No point to resist nor have a fight
From days to years, just passing by
We lost attention, lost the light
Across the ocean of our lies

You know what’s wrong to be with you
I never felt you wanted to
Like all those parties without fun
Like a summer without sun

Oh sweetheart, let’s contemplate
Forget your anger, drop the hate
We’re still the masters of our fate
Today feels wrong, tomorrow we’ll be on our own
Everlasting game no one ever won
Now it’s just you and me apart
Each other with a broken heart

You know what’s wrong to be with you
I never felt you wanted to
Like all those parties without fun
Like a summer without sun

After time, all things get worse
I can’t do one thing on my own
& I have nothing on my mind
But to be with you

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Choir Video Racoon Racoon Dawn Chorus (Lyrics)

Racoon Racoon – Dawn Chorus (lyrics)
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    tigress_girl says:

    I love songs with a cognitive dissonance between hopeless words and a soothing melody. Beautiful video as always KHB, have a beautiful day as well 💙

    David Haronyan says:

    Beautiful. Thank you for that.

    DL B says:

    I think you have a good taste of music…we can view it via the video you upload…👍🏼

    Vanessa DeLeon says:

    I love how the background is like Tokyo Ghoul's unravel and how far apart they are, the trees also suit the background. The melody of the song is really upbeat and sad at the same time, it reminds me of how love is nice and warm and close but so far at the same time and it makes you feel sad and heartbroken. Love the video can't wait for the next video KHB.

    Haganenu Lenkengitsue says:

    Banzai banzai

    Ruika Michiru says:


    Edith Radako says:

    Its wounderfull like it îs realized ,thank you so mutch,god bless you

    Layla Fontanez says:

    Totally Just Made My Day ❤️

    Pink Pink says:

    Hi…. Really enjoy this one as all… The words r so perfect, hard 😥 but true, i could never express the right words & this one so true😥😭…
    Thank you💕🌹🌹🌹💕



    Bagaskara I Wijaya says:

    Oh damn, feelingood found this high-taste musical channel


    Мюжган Заманзаде04 says:

    Perfect. Wonderful!

    Olivia Lowne says:

    This song seriously reminds me of that volcano song pixar made. Much love though 😀

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