Download Ps22 Chorus “who am I?” @ United Nations Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony - Choir Video 2019

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At yesterday’s United Nations’ #HolocaustRemembrance Ceremony, the PS22 Chorus gave a stunning performance of this beautiful song by Holocaust survivor, Inge Auerbacher (cowritten by Madeline Stone) to a room full of appreciative dignitaries, veterans, and survivors…..

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Choir Video PS22 Chorus WHO AM I? @ United Nations Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony

Ps22 Chorus “who <span class='fc_lc'>am</span> I?” @ United Nations Holocaust Remembrance Ceremony
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    Joe Pigg says:

    Congratulations on bringing such a beautifully moving performance to the world. Music is one way we can bridge the gap between our differences.

    Rachel Hoff says:

    I've been following you lovely youths for awhile, and I rejoice every time one of your videos comes up. You are so expressive. If PS22 is all run like this class I look forward to seeing the caliber of adults who grow from the experience!

    Lauren Copenhaver says:

    If this is affecting me while I'm sitting in a parking lot of the grocery store I can just imagine how it really touched your audience.

    Jon Hacker says:

    Voices of Angels.

    PenguinorPanda says:

    Wonderful performance, full of feeling and musicality. You must be so proud of your students.

    Leslie says:

    Bravo boys and girls!!! Simply beautiful tribute. Good work teach!

    kjfitzgerald593 says:

    This is a landmark performance for the PS 22 Chorus of 2019. I'm proud of you all!

    engelprinzessin09 says:

    Heartbreaking, Gregg Breinberg, I visited Auschwitz where the souls of the killed children are still living in the birch forest and read Inge´s book : I Am A Star….. You are doing great work.

    melissa ann says:

    💙beautiful, just beautiful💙

    Way to go 👍👍👍👍👍

    Ladies & gentlemen, you've done it again with your AMAZING talent of singing!! So beautiful, job well done!!

    Barbara Reichlin says:

    To Greg and his kids….. you guys nailed it. Hauntingly beautiful and fitting for such an occasion. Congratulations, one more time.

    Goat Farm Productions says:

    Oh yeah yeah

    George Guzman says:

    I like how they sing ( who am l ) at the United Nation

    George Guzman says:

    This video is so cool

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