Download Ps22 Chorus “true Colors” Cyndi Lauper 2019 - Choir Video 2019

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“Beautiful…. like a rainbow.” This timeless song by Cyndi Lauper never seemed more timely. We’ve covered “TRUE COLORS” before to great effect, but I think you’ll agree this new rendition by the PS22 Chorus of 2019 takes the song to new heights! This is in no small part due to the earnest performance by soloist Claude, whose humble and sweet character is perfectly exemplified by those humble and sweet tones….

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Choir Video PS22 Chorus True Colors Cyndi Lauper 2019

Ps22 Chorus “true Colors” Cyndi Lauper 2019
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    •Cassiopeia• says:


    Rocco Lucas says:

    Love from KY (Kentucky). Btw i love how you guys can literally sing anything. Also can you sing "Play with Fire) if you haven't already

    Narlie Moise says:

    mr b 😢😢😢😢😢💔 i wanna b 10 again i miss this

    Matt Seifman says:

    This school chorus never ceases to amaze!! The choreography, the unity of voices and harmony they're better than the pros!!

    The fact that you bring together so many students of so many backgrounds all United under one cause, one group. You are teaching a lot more than music. You are teaching unity, you are teaching these kids to see beyond race, gender, ethnic background etc and see friends, classmates and fellow performers!!

    Keep up the amazing work out there!!

    novemberscorpio36 says:

    I love this so much!!! The solo was amazing ❤❤❤

    Amy Fisher says:

    so fantastic! the soloist really shone! exactly why i want to teach kids improv once again 😉

    LoveThief2112 says:

    Beautiful ❤

    Tina Photakis says:

    You are all wonderful and make the world a better place! Inspirational

    Bill93940 says:

    ThAnk you again – for the music and for making me cry! Good on ya!

    sarai637 says:

    :,) beautiful

    Lia Cohen-Odiaga says:

    Ha! I remember "ooh rah rah" from when you guys did True Colors in 2011! "When you make yourself look like an idiot, get everyone else in on it…"

    H a n n a says:

    I love how well the support is even while they’re sitting!! It’s great and the dancing is amazing!!

    Nyianza 101 says:

    my cousin did his first soloo <3 his name is claude and he is my cousin love you pooh

    kjfitzgerald593 says:

    That is awesome that the Chorus of 2019 got to record this song! Eveyrone sounded great!
    The performances of True Colors by the Chorus of 2011 are certainly worth watching also! Search and enjoy!

    melissa ann says:

    👏👏BRAVO, ladies & gentlemen, BRAVO👏👏

    This was one of my favorite songs while growing up!! Got all teary eyed!!! Wasn't expecting this!!! Wow!!!

    All of you have such amazing voices!!!!!!! Please, pretty please consider trying out for America's Got Talent!!! With the songs you sing & the enthusiasm you show in the songs you're singing, my goodness, someone is bound to hit the gold buzzer for sure!!! I would smash the golden buzzer!!! 😊👍

    🌼have an amazing day🌼

    A Bianca says:

    Why are you guys so perfect I'm crying right here this is amazing!! Please keep singing no matter what. Love from Indonesia!

    Pinkyhotwheels says:

    Beautiful as ever

    Madiba LP says:

    Lindo !!!
    Brasil !!!

    B C says:

    They bring me so much joy. This is what I sat thru 4 years of music theory for. Lol. I love teaching. They make my heart smile.

    Leslie says:

    Perfect song for perfect voices! Hearing these children sing brings so much joy to my life. Have a nice weekend kids and teach!

    Fer M says:

    Lindos!!! 😍😍😍👏👏👏👏

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