Download Ps22 Chorus “shout” Tears for Fears - Choir Video 2018

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Monday morning seems like the perfect time for a good “SHOUT!” Check out the PS22 Chorus engaging in a bit of savagery with this classic tune by Tears for Fears!

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Choir Video PS22 Chorus Shout Tears For Fears

Ps22 Chorus “shout” Tears <span class='fc_lc'>for</span> Fears
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    Plum Blossom Beauty (P.B.B.) says:

    anyone else brought to tears of joy at how beautiful these souls and voices are?

    Kate Luxor says:

    That was so awesome! You guys really put your heart and soul into it. Well done! It also doesn't hurt that I happen to like this song. 🙂

    Edward Finnemore says:


    Andre Heinrichs says:

    I have a strong feeling that there are quite a few Fourt graders in the group. We might see some of them again not that far in the future. The only thing I found strange: has Leiara changed sides? I remember her only on the Alto side.

    melissa ann says:

    😨SHOUT😨SHOUT, I'm talking to you 😨 ((another GREAT song))

    What an awesome way to wake up to a Monday!!!!! BRAVO 👏 ladies & gentlemen, BRAVO!!!!!

    Absolutely LOVED this!!!!!!! Keep rock'ng the tunes!!!! You guys should get to the Grammys OR some kind of music awards program and get up on sing!! Go for America's Got Talent, because you guys definitely have talent!!!! Go for it!!!!!

    QueenOTrumpets says:

    Beautiful arrangement!

    Ethan Feldman says:

    Wonderful! Please keep it coming. Thanks.

    Amy A says:

    Amazing kids!!

    William Tecumseh Sherman says:

    Beautiful!! what a bunch of talented kids… yeah I’m talking to you !! Plus the Teacher has a beautiful mind!!!👍🏻👍🏻🇺🇸

    redlightmax says:

    Can you do "This Is America"?

    Sipong Chuba says:

    Wow amazing

    NABORKA says:

    tears of delight! thanx

    southern life says:

    This is an amazing chours they sing so beautiful and they show there facial expressions and emotions in there song

    SwagSavage Jr says:

    What a beautiful harmony 😇

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