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Another request from the kids (Elijah and Jared, the soloist on “Eye Of The Tiger”), and even from some PS22 Chorus fans too. The song, Don’t Stop Believin’ is an eighties classic, and the fifth grade chorus extraordinaire deliver some rather outstanding harmonies to recreate it into something different and pretty darn special! Another surprise favorite of the year! And soloist Elijah gives Steve Perry a run for his money, doing a rockin’ job with his amazing talent!

According to i-Tunes, Journey’s “signature song, ‘Don’t Stop Believing’, is the top-selling catalog track in iTunes history, at more than two million downloads”. Maybe this will help score a few more…. 🙂

Should be noted that Journey once included American Idol judge Randy Jackson on bass and background vocals, although he came into the group after the release of this mega-hit.

Again, according to Wikipedia, the song has appeared in a number of film and television series, including The Wedding Singer, Family Guy, Monster, Shrek the Halls, Bedtime Stories, Yes Dear, The Comebacks, View from the Top, South Park, Cold Case, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, My Name Is Earl, Just Shoot Me, Laguna Beach, American Idol, Scrubs, The Sopranos, and Glee

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Choir Video PS22 Chorus DONT STOP BELIEVIN' Journey

Ps22 Chorus “don’t Stop Believin'” Journey
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    nockanoo62 says:

    One of the best videos ever to appear on YouTube….

    Dulce Cortes says:

    everyone sings good

    jeanne ellsworth says:

    So many reasons to stop believing….and I turn again and again, to these beautiful kids to keep me going…

    TheLegend37 says:

    1:20 I did not expect that

    melissa ann says:

    Rule One :: Don't mess with the teacher's coffee!! 😄

    One of my favorites!!! WELL DONE EVERYONE!!!!

    Their should be more music teachers like this. He truly loves what he does and the kids pick up on that and the kids just sing their heart's out. He makes it fun!!!! Wish I had a music teacher like this for music class!

    WISH Ellen would pick up on you guys or The Today Show in NY and have you perform. This teacher the kids are the NBT!! (next big thing)

    Camryn Capesius says:

    Amazing job

    Faith says:

    for some reason, this song always makes me cry, and you guys nailed it! I loved it .

    93BlueReef says:

    How can anyone thumbs down this? Crawl back into your hole.

    DINIZ KLEIN says:

    Glorious, God save the Queen!

    XxViktorijaxX says:

    😢😢😢😢 so dear to my heart!

    Ciarah Cox says:

    Wow, all these kids are probably about to graduate from high school at this point.

    Marlene Ariz says:

    These children would be between 16-18 now

    Samira Haddad says:

    I love this choir !! Amazing I'm in love

    Stuffieprincess xoxo says:

    I love this so much

    Curtis Valent says:

    singing this in my choir

    Pat Costa says:

    Lets give it up for the teacher – clearly those children like him.

    Emo Weeb MSP says:

    this made me think of glee there getting good i do choir its fun

    OneJoshFan says:

    Every kid deserves a music teacher like this.

    Lisa DeL says:

    Love this for so many reasons….and it sure beats the stand still monotone choruses we have here!

    J wisecrver says:

    Awesome I love guys are awesome. Keep singing

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