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Not our usual fun song but abortion breaks our heart. Come see us live

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Choir Video Pro-life Song- The Deplorable Choir

Choir: Pro-life Song- The Deplorable Choir Ta me to church lyrics and meaning - a christn, The song is hauntingly beautiful with subtle vers and a soulful chorus. admittedly, when i first heard it, i thought, “wow, this is a powerful song.. Choir: Pro-life Song- The Deplorable Choir Dl-the-truth mstries a christn resource and tract, 155,000 people die everyday. . . two every cond. . . accorng to the lord jesus christ, most people e and go to hell.. Choir: Pro-life Song- The Deplorable Choir Catholic blog directory, Catholic bloggers may also be interested in jong st. blog's parish directory. contact the owner rectly with questions or comments..

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Pro-life Song- <span class='fc_lc'>the</span> Deplorable Choir
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    Dean Schroeder says:

    This was incredible and bought tears to my eyes.
    My heart breaks for the stance that has been taken on abortion. Demonic forces are taking over this country and our only hope is Jesus.

    basschica says:

    Beautiful song!

    Red Red says:

    Wow I actually cried thank you and have a blessed day yall

    Simian Cave Creature says:

    I stopped using Gillete to be more manly, then I have to come across this.

    Charlie Orosz says:

    I called GOP today and told them about you!

    James G Rivera says:

    That was deep!

    Tom Izbicki says:

    Great song girls!
    Your the best!

    Mumbler John says:

    you young ladies are great

    Bella Coffey says:

    I have a special needs child/adult and I have to say that at the moment my child was born I loved her no matter what. Yes I suffered during pregnancy with medical problems but it Never crossed my mind to abort child. Life was not always easy but we got through it. We are both very close and Love each other unconditionally.
    Thank you for your wonderful song it sums it all up.

    Dana Mollinary says:

    Beautiful women, singing a beautiful song. God bless.

    234dilligaf says:

    If you claim your eyes didn't AT LEAST tear up a little bit while watching this, then you're either a liar or a democrat.

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