Download Powerful Winneba Youth Choir, Ghana - Choir Video 2019

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This compilation comprises most of Winneba Youth Choir’s songs and Anthems. This is meant for your brothers in the orthodox churches like Anglican, Methodist, Presbyterian, and others.
Please enjoy and comment with any criticism and suggestions.

Thank you.

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Choir Video Powerful Winneba Youth Choir, Ghana

Powerful Winneba Youth Choir, Ghana
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    Kofi Lasmothey says:

    Des voix et paroles qui te font voyager et te font planer.

    Eric Agorti says:

    . Good soothing music that touches the heart. God bless you.

    Naa Nuamah says:

    omg I love this choir..God bless you❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Pepertual Amoah says:

    Yass!!!! when u see them in Winneba most of the time cuz it's your home town 😄😃😃

    NII Odai says:

    Very inspirational and spirit uplifting songs. God bless!

    Sylvia Crabbe says:

    Greetings from Maryland,USA to y all,I love y all.i listen to your songs 24/7.God bless y'all.i ues to be a church member during Rev.Dadson's time,my mom was the winneba hospital matron ,I can identify,Paul Ackah and the other directors,I don't see Mensah Essielfie…..God bless Y ALL🙏Keep up the good works Y'all an inspiration 🙏

    Angmor Janet says:

    God bless u all

    Tim B says:

    like the group reason good voices or sound.

    Celeste Dee says:

    It's been a blessing.

    Justine Fabikun says:

    It's difficult to pick. They all very inspiring… I'm just glad to be a christian and to be able to say they are my brothers and sisters in Christ and are Africans. May the Lord continue to fill you all with fresh holy fire.

    Asumah Christine says:

    wow this sound good God bless you guts

    Asumah Christine says:

    wow this sound good God bless you guts

    Asumah Christine says:

    wow this sound good God bless you guys

    Asumah Christine says:

    wow god bless

    NEIL KEET says:


    Kofi Adade Debrah says:

    Evergreen Winneba Youth Choir – Soar on!

    Nana Benfo says:

    Anytime i hear this song i'm not hungry God bless all

    Rékia Akkerman says:

    I'm from Cameroon. Living in France. I discovered Ghana gospel in the Netherland by listening Opoku. Very nice singers Ghana people. God bless. Sorry for my English. I'm a french teacher.

    Mukabi Fredrick says:

    very wonderfull song indeed

    adukule andrew says:

    I thank God for the gift of these beautiful songs.

    Kithinji Kwiriga says:

    Mr epher first of I do not understand the language however I enjoy lots of music whose language I donot understand by watching how they sing and dance.comon bring real people not static static images.

    Peggy Zammer says:

    peggy kumi once a member. continue to do marvelous things and God who rewards will reward u and add no sorrow. i pray anytime i come to winneba i'll visit. God bless u all Paa John God bless u for effort in keeping this youth choir till now.:-*

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