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Phuahtu : T.Laldintluanga
Video : Asanga Dosel Videography
Audio download emaw ngaihthla duh tan a hnuai a link ah aw

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Choir Video Min Hruai Thin Mizoram Synod Choir (2016-2018)

Min Hruai Thin Mizoram Synod Choir (2016-2018)
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    Sangi Fanai says:

    A va mawi ve …

    Hruaia Hnamte says:

    A Phuahtupa hi term leh ah chuan Conductor ni ngei teh se….a nalh thlawt

    Maseni tlau says:

    mawi hle mai

    Zuala Ralte says:

    mawi ltk tlat

    Sairongura Chenkual says:

    A nalh hle mai…

    Rema Renthlei says:

    A mawi hle mai, a thu a tha bawk si. Rilru a hneh takzet.

    fanai mama lalhmunsanga says:

    Mawi leh pek ve

    Rodi Lalremruati says:

    Analh in a ropui hle maiπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

    Dreamlover Vala12483 says:

    Thianpa Dintluanga nge nge..a thawh hlawk thin e.. when the circle be unbroken…te min ti hre chhuak a lawm le

    Mamami Wrenthley says:

    A va han mawi in an va han thiam mm ve❀️❀️

    Vala Vala says:

    a va nalh ve le

    LD sangi says:

    Ka hla duh zawng tak ani

    zo sanga says:

    ava mawi ve

    Hruaizela Hmar says:

    A va nalh tak em.. A thuin min hneh bawk si.. Harsatna kara min hruaia lawmna min pe tu Lalpa hi a ropui a ni

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