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Behind the Scenes of the Recording of Meshorerim Choir – Vocal Classics – Volume 3
in the Studios of MK Music First solo – Chaim Blumenfeld: 2nd solo – Dudy Knefler: 3rd solo – Leiby Wider

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Choir Video Meshorerim Choir Vocal Classics Volume 3 Behind The Scenes

Meshorerim Choir – Vocal Classics – Volume 3 – Behind <span class='fc_lc'>the</span> Scenes
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    Serafim Sera says:

    what is the name of the last piece?

    Nachman Forer says:

    Very nice sound. I like Lieby Werder.



    Henry Rodriguez Reyes says:

    Dios los bendiga siempre desde mexico

    boly G says:


    boly G says:

    On ice

    tosh006 says:

    Beautiful !!!

    Sergey Slavikovskiy says:
    Moshy Kraus says:

    Yes, it’s available to download on iTunes – Amazon – Google play under the
    title Meshorerim Classic. Enjoy

    joel hersh Mendelowitz says:

    moshy its out of the world beautiful keep it up keep it coming

    Moshy Kraus says:

    Thank you Moshy, when are you popping in for a visit?

    shmulik3030 says:

    מדהים . . . ומאד מושקע ! למה לא רואים את הילדים שרים?

    yeinhorn says:

    @Lashyw first of all u don’t need my compliment but yes its beautiful. I
    had a argument with some guys they said its not original voice I said its
    original can u back me up here?

    Eduardo Arboleda says:

    excellent from Colombia S:A:

    lashyw says:

    @pinchas Gluck. Thanks for the compliment. Glad you like it.

    carlmommyof7 says:

    First of all excellent job and second, this question is to Chaim
    Blumenfeld, do you have mishpacha in Detroit?

    pacbsms says:


    moshe kestenbaum says:

    beautiful!!!!! moshe love ur studio!!

    lashyw says:

    I’m Leiby Wieder b.t.w. (if you didn’t get it by now).

    Alex Muli says:

    I dont understand a word but I LOVE THE MUSIC.

    88hocker says:

    wow ammazing stuff!! So where is this studio located?? its gorgeous!!!

    Moshy Kraus says:

    Studio is located in Monroe NY

    Incog Nito says:

    Enjoyed this tremendously. The CD is gorgeous and it was so nice to see the
    behind the scenes. THanks for posting.

    lashyw says:

    @yeinhorn. Should I take it as a compliment ??,

    seifwife08 says:

    is this cd out yet? we love it !

    Pinny Gluck says:

    Leiby super amazing job love your voice keep up

    yeinhorn says:

    Can someone tell me if wider is singing or just making the motions it
    sounds like a little boy

    Michael Friedman says:

    Tov me’od !

    DamNisht says:


    Moshy Kraus says:

    Thanks bro!

    Naftali Weiss says:

    very nice music acapella keep it up

    yeinhorn says:

    It’s out in all the stores

    duddy knopfler says:

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