Download Largest Ever World Male Voice Choir – Sing in Wales – Jacobs Ladder and Soldier’s Chorus - Choir Video 2019

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The World Choir of over 8,000 strong sing “Jacobs Ladder” and “Soldier’s Chorus” (Faust) from the old Cardiff Park Arms Stadium (1993)

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Choir Video Largest Ever World Male Voice Choir Sing In Wales Jacobs Ladder And Soldiers Chorus

Largest Ever World Male Voice Choir – Sing <span class='fc_lc'>in</span> Wales – Jacobs Ladder <span class='fc_lc'>and</span> Soldier’s Chorus
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    mermod freres says:

    One word: WOW!!!

    Iain Dean says:

    Makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, there is nothing in this
    world that can compare to a Welsh Male Voice Choir. Listening to 8000 of
    them must have been one magical night.

    natasha tordoff says:

    my favourite song in sunday school!! amazing ! thks wales male choir for
    your blessed voice!

    H.I.M Prince Mychial says:

    THANK YOU WALES – especially PORTHCAWL my home in the south

    H.I.M Prince Mychial says:

    coming soon! 144000 strong male choir, Symeon palace, one stop, perry bar
    birmingham for all interested

    Martin Keith says:

    in the west these are the boys, wow what a sound the tenor voices that
    inspire welsh rugby long may they live there are tears in my eyes listening
    to them

    Neil Rodgers says:

    Having been on stage at the Royal Albert Hall with an 800 strong Male voice
    Choir the feeling and atmosphere that 8000 voices can give must be
    tremendous and the Welsh just know how give the music that extra feeling,
    that makes the hair on your neck stand on end “Fantastic”

    sweynseye says:

    I was there!! An incredible night i shall never forget.

    alaskandww says:


    Glendale Sanctuary Choir says:

    Largest Male Chorus ever assembled – 8000 voices! Check it out! Largest
    Ever World Male Voice Choir – Sing in Wales – Jacobs Ladder and Soldier’s

    emilebradford says:

    I used to really like Welsh choirs until I heard one Welsh male voice choir
    trying to sing ‘Hey Jude’. Guys it just ain’t a Welsh male voice choir song
    by no stretch.

    63rdwho says:

    I was there too, and also in 1992. Both were awe inspiring events, but I
    always think the first one in 92 was better. 

    Melissa0774 says:

    8,000 voices!? wow, I want to know how many decibels they were and how far
    the sound carried! I imagine people could hear them from miles away.

    JohnPanto says:

    I joined the R.N at the age of 15 in Jan 63 & have plenty of mates from all
    over the U.K. I go to the annual re-union & thoroughly enjoy it. Friends
    made in the mob are very important to me & I enjoy being called Taff (
    along with a few other words!!!}

    Emily Massey says:

    wow. that’s the one of the most hateful comments I’ve ever heard. Why would
    you say something like that?

    Moises Menezes says:

    @2havago hi pat. nice to meet you

    susanxu200015 says:

    I just happened to go to this webpage and watched this marvellous
    performace. I was deeply touched by their wonderful job. It is so
    inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

    daveyblue56 says:

    I am a big heavy metal fan. I play a very loud electric guitar but this
    makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. Such power and no
    amplification!! Perfection. Thank you.

    Dan Reynolds Audio says:

    …should’ve bought stock in blue bow-ties…

    Here4Years says:

    Beautifully done but it’s too bad they chose a mythological theme.

    Mazarbul says:

    A true army!

    pam hughes says:

    You must be very proud of him.

    joblotti says:

    I would like to hear from anyone who was involved in the organizing of this
    spectacular event

    2havago says:

    @PedoPungPaaTur I can’t speak for others but I have seen it at least 5 or 6
    times, and these two uploads, often! … :p

    jaz5789 says:

    How do you even rehearse for this with 8,000 people and get them to sing on
    key? Simply amazing.

    luvperu1 says:

    I SEE YOU!! happy week to you…Polly

    CloudWatcherX says:

    if this is the largest choir on the world then imagine what it will sound
    like in heaven when everyone and the angels sing!

    vaannar16 says:

    Actually, if you looked carefully there were a few young
    cuties–particularly a little blonde I noticed…perhaps your eye is a bit
    out of practice…winkwink*

    Morgan Johnston says:

    There’s less than 8000 people who live in my town.

    prohumets says:

    biggest choir? haha search youtube for “laulupidu” or “singing revolution”
    then you’ll see a choir with member 30000+

    ThePurv says:

    I wonder how many neighbors called the police because of the sound?

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