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Choir Video Kuban Cossack Choir Katyusha (Катюша)

Choir: Kuban Cossack Choir Katyusha (Катюша) Kuban cossack choir - katyusha (Катюша), Mix - kuban cossack choir - katyusha (Катюша) youtube kuban cossack children choir Кубанский казачий хор - duration: 3:34. tranbylamber 551,822 views. Choir: Kuban Cossack Choir Katyusha (Катюша) Kuban cossack choir - wikipea, Kuban cossack choir at gnessin academy with viktor zakharchenko in front, 2013 trational dress. kuban cossack chorus ( russn : Кубанский Казачий Хор , ukrainn : Кубанський козачий хор ) is one of the leang folkloric enmbles in russ .. Choir: Kuban Cossack Choir Katyusha (Катюша) Катюша (katyusha) - pyatnitsky russn folk chorus (2016), Subtitles (lyrics): Русский, Српски, Ελληνική, français, català, português, español, arabic, Čeština, slovenščina, english, nederlands.

Download Kuban Cossack Choir Katyusha (Катюша) Katyusha - kuban cossacks choir (children's choir), Subtitles (lyrics): russn and english. concert 2006. song "katyusha" and "you and i are the cossacks" forms kuban cossacks children's choir.. Download Kuban Cossack Choir Katyusha (Катюша) ККХ - Катюша / katjusha, ККХ Кубанский Казачий Хор - Фрагмент концерта. Download Kuban Cossack Choir Katyusha (Катюша) Катюша, katyusha- Юлия началова, victory day moscow, Катюша katyusha Юля Юлия началовай день победы victory day moscow . Юлия Началова Катюша День Победы yulya nacova katyusha katusha..

Kuban Cossack Choir – Katyusha (катюша)
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    cristobal314 says:

    Oh Katiusha, epic song.

    Sait DİNÇ says:

    Harika bir Rus ezgisi … çocuklar daha bir güzel söylüyorlar…..

    Kondemned84 says:

    The parents of that girl must be the proudest ones in the world. Europa is
    lucky to have a “sister” like Mother Russia…

    Daniel Rudan says:

    Beautiful song!

    Luc Lefever says:

    Russia the best, very Best

    fox field says:

    yes the beautiful cry 1/52min

    Antonio estenos says:


    Saban Ulusoy says:

    freedoom is russia

    Ödön Bödön says:


    Nan L says:

    A famous folk song from Soviet Union during Word War II

    Jaina Hanke says:

    I just love it

    Anousch Torosyan says:

    Love and Beauty is eternal somehow it proves the supernatural absolute
    being,I really enjoy watching everyday.

    GiftEconomy144 says:

    Magnifique petite fille – MERCI BEAUTE!

    Shini Wolf says:

    Muito bom

    boizeau1 says:

    Love this song, and this is the best version of it.

    LetStrangeBoyTalk says:

    what a beautiful performance. love so much the “russian emotions” and the
    way they’re making music. greetings from germany to our big and wonderful

    Diego Dias says:

    1:52 looks like she’ll cry. Beautiful. For the motherland !

    recon herlev says:

    Damn… this is back from when the Soviet Union still existed.

    MrMinimerlin says:

    Hey, im Ligaff. /watch?v=MfNg0KoZiJc

    Aydan Amiraliyeva says:

    *Катюша ♥ super song!!*

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