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kashmiri song lyrics:fazil kashmiri

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Choir Video Kral Koor Ri

Kral Koor Ri
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    akbar Bhat says:

    very nice song and acting

    Waseem Altaf says:


    akbar Bhat says:

    An excellent song and acting zinabad kmri culture

    Sadaf Mir says:


    xaid mudasir says:

    #kashur chu kashur ath watii na khinn

    Ahmad Khursheed says:

    I Love my Kashmir and kashmiri songs

    Nazir Lone says:

    awesome one

    Irfan Tak says:

    waha waha nice song i love my kashmir

    Hilal Zargar says:

    it gives me immense pleasure to listen & watch kashmiri songs as they have a soothing effect on our day to day hectic life.what a great culture that even in todays modern life has its impact.

    Rj Bhat says:

    wow what a extraordinary poetry, melodious voice, sincerely soul refreshing .I think every kashmiri's preference is listen it frequently

    riyaz najar says:

    I love my Kashmir…

    Dil Ibadat ibadat says:


    Prince Shahid Lolabi says:

    wow very nice I like it

    tej krishan dhar says:

    I get ecstatic every time i listen to the song/seeing the scenery in the video – hats off to the singers n the production team..

    Wani Javaid says:

    MUSTQUT verry

    Mir Abid says:

    Owsome song

    Bhat Nuha says:

    marvelous song

    Mushatq Ahmad says:

    Very very sweet song

    Arif Kamlak says:


    Shiran Lone says:


    suheelahmad bhat says:

    where i find….tovut khudai takdeer main e bapath

    Arif Hashmi says:

    heart tuching yaar lovly

    Mudasir Qadri says:

    Had listened this beautiful song several times, but still feels crazy about it. Live long kashmiri culture.

    Mudasir Qadri says:

    Had listened this beautiful song several times but still feels crazy about it. Live long kashmiri culture.

    Hilal Shera says:

    Very sweet song.

    altaf jahan says:

    After hearing this song I feel I am in Kashmir. It feels joyful

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