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Choir Video J.S.Bach BWV 639 Choral Prelude In F Minor

J.s.bach – Bwv 639 Choral Prelude <span class='fc_lc'>in</span> F Minor
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    Yagggi1 says:

    i wonder who are the performers

    altivelis32 says:

    What a beautiful harmony! Thank you for a wonderful performance.
    God and Bach are on your side. May God's grace come to you.

    Kulturindustrie says:

    Solaris/Bach — wundervoll interpretiert!!

    Björn Hünxe says:

    Ganz toll gespielt. Dieses ist eines von Bachs am tiefsten gehenden Stücken. Nur wirkliche Virtuosen können die Abgründe dieses Stückes erlebbar machen.

    Fourey Myriam says:

    Merveilleusement poignant …la musique de l'âme

    Esokia Ridet says:

    I meditate listening to this piece of music in my head, feeling the weightlessness of this magnificent scene in Tarkovsky's Solaris. Thanks for posting this version.

    PJC5058 says:

    For a mix of this work transcribed for different instruments :

    Marco Catapano says:

    Ryuichi Sakamoto took inspiration from that piece for his track 'Solari' – the name itself, as you can imagine, is an homage to Tarkovskij's film.

    John Berg says:

    I always knew it as "J.S. BACH – Chorale Prelude "I Call to You, Lord Jesus Christ" and voiced for organ.

    ciudadesombras says:

    Te amo Bach.

    Okan Bayram says:

    Müziği seslendiren kişi kim?

    Joaquin Verdun says:

    Thanks Tarkovsky

    pilar sanchez says:

    Qué belleza infinita un hilo de eternidad

    Boris G. says:

    This piece man… I don't think I know any other piece that can possibly evoke such a deep sensation of complete despair and hopelessness than this..but I still return to it almost everyday.. strange

    Mарина Oленицкая says:

    Unsterbliche Musik…

    Evert Van Bunnik says:

    Andrej Tarkovki's Solaris!

    Diego Ismirlian says:

    Que bueno por favorr!!

    ALEX ALIEN says:

    +Stalker 1979



    qweros666 says:

    Best version ever!!

    qweros666 says:

    Best version ever!!

    Juan Gar says:

    que interpretación mas hermosa…!

    Valentin Kostadinov says:

    One of my very favorites Bach's chorale preludes in that case in piano and violin! 

    Grace Ji says:


    Tobias_G says:

    This is wonderful, thank you.

    David Brown says:

    Yevgeny Burmashkin. A Bridge in an Old Park. 2005

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