Download Its Unfinished Lams Animatic But I Like the Chorus - Choir Video 2019

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and im not gonna finish this

Music by ЛСП
and here is the full song:

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Choir Video Its Unfinished Lams Animatic But I Like The Chorus

Its Unfinished Lams Animatic But I Like <span class='fc_lc'>the</span> Chorus
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    Music Princess says:

    Short but still beautiful

    Саша Киров says:

    Работа Котика, да под ЛСП? Какое там сегодня число? Второй Новый год что ли наступил? Иначе к чему такой восхитительный подарок? И это даже незаконченная версия!
    Спасибо огромное. Ты великолепен(а), чувак!

    Nae's Kareoke says:

    So my heart is aching as I write this, but I just want to *clap* because your ability to best utilize inverted-toned art has improved greatly since you used it for those South Park animatics. You've shown great improvement and I'm so excited to see where you take this concept, song, and story.

    Little Potato says:

    What beauty

    Erika Fuentes says:

    I love it! ❤

    gruviafanfairytail Nightcore says:

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    I love
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    I love your ch
    I love your Cha
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    I love your Channe
    I love your Channel

    KC_ Anna says:

    loud mouth pop

    John Laurens says:

    Legend has it that if I comment then people will ask me steamy questions about Alex and I

    areyllacus inataru inodoro says:

    Esta bien hermoso como siempre 💕


    Ааааа, я люблю его, хотя его не законченная версия! к хорошему котику .. его к хорошему .. ТЫ НА ЧЕЛОВЕК ТАЛАНТ

    Once again for those of u who speak no Russian I translate:
    Ahhhh I love it even tho its not the completed version! to good kotik..its to good..YOUR TO FREAKING TALENTED!

    Nicole Schlegel says:

    As always it's amazing

    weñeden says:

    I reminded it by 10 seconds and I was a the 5 second mark and the vid is 14 seconds long

    What is this

    Bananami says:

    damn that's some good shit

    cyaniq says:

    my god you're so talented, finished or not this is;;; so good;;;

    Memes Are Life ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ says:

    my early so i gotta think of a clever comment…

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    sam says:

    ♡ love this

    keep up the good work tho! dont forget to take breaks. ur a very talented artist but dont forget that your feelings matter too!

    Gretchen Wieners says:

    I already love it

    sam says:

    what is this beauty I have been blessed with? ♡♡

    Aliceover says:

    I love your videos °^°

    Johny boi says:

    Absolutely B-e-a-utiful❤️

    I-CLAIMING nothing says:

    I l
    I lo
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    Sneha Ale says:


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