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Amazing performance by students … Hallelujah Chorus … Silent Monks … Christmas Season … every one rejoice and celebrate… Christmas Carols at its best…

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Choir Video Hallelujah Chorus Silent Monks Funny !!!

Choir: Hallelujah Chorus Silent Monks Funny !!! Funny christmas songs: silent night with the silent monks, Funny christmas songs: silent night with the silent monks. christmas is a time of cheer - so pull up a chair and enjoy some funny christmas songs to light up your holiday ason!. Choir: Hallelujah Chorus Silent Monks Funny !!! Clean jos and humor: laughter really is the best mecine, Clean jos and humor: aching for some side-splitting laughter? clean jos and humor are exactly what you'll find on this site. absolutely no need to be "pg-13" to be funny here!. Choir: Hallelujah Chorus Silent Monks Funny !!! List of music hall songs - windyridge music hall cds, Complete list of british music hall songs reissued by

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Hallelujah Chorus Silent Monks Funny !!!
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    natacha Maiakoskaia says:

    j'adore !!!!! Je ne m'en lasse pas !! 👍👍👌👌😃😃😃

    reggie bayard says:

    this wasnt funny at all

    Robert Ketchum says:

    Funny NO. Complete waste of time Yes!!!

    jimmybean says:

    unauthentic, there are obviously women in this choir

    Ben W says:

    Oh, golly, that's brilliant. Super! — Bolder fonts

    Klara Andow says:

    The jah monk was slow so it was hilarious

    Unknown Cody says:

    777 dislikes

    David Scott says:

    Can't watch this Again as it will become a bit of a habit

    Melany Chacon says:

    No need for subtitles

    Melany Chacon says:

    Judges-so what’s your talent
    Monks-does their thing
    Judges-congratulations you won Americans got talent

    Pax Ryder says:

    Holy shit, I just thought Ermac for one second after looking at the hoods tho…

    Pro Tay says:


    Mia Skywalker says:

    They look like Jawas 😂

    Gabriel Salles says:


    Richard Wells says:


    cartoonerias estudio imagina tv says:

    Genial. Alguno de ellos sera Fray Molinero ?

    Kerserzthescientist says:

    Me when my music teacher suggests I join the school choir XD

    Catherine Reed says:

    NOT funny 🙁 Title said funny! MIGHT have been cute had I not wanted a laugh. A bit off time, but might have had some promise… Maybe. When I see "funny", I expect to laugh, nothing funny about that. Talent, yes, funny, no. Hope they got a HUGE reward, and you, not too much good, you promised "funny". Just not too little good, either, don't want that hanging on me. I curse NO ONE, but I don't wish them more good than they deserve, either.

    otta patiung says:

    that's a really beautiful act.
    funny and make me happy to watch this video…

    Christine Cameron says:

    Full Kudo's to the back row who heroically resisted the overpowering urge to bop the front row on the head.

    Alonzo Branson says:

    I don't think a vow of silence meant This!

    Rowynne Crowley says:

    It would be helpful if they kept time correctly. They're about a beat or two off.

    ap xpandy says:

    I couldn't Handel it – laughing too much! rofl!

    Elle Wood says:

    that takes alot of practice

    Hello World! says:

    best way to learn lyrics

    rachel robert says:

    bravo!! j adore et j ai bien ris!

    Chicanne m. says:


    Elicere says:

    The best lyric video ever

    stflaw says:

    Extraordinarily clever and very entertaining. Very well done.

    Julia Camara says:

    Lol c est genial..👏👏👏👏

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