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Alto-emphasized practice track to help you learn to sing the Hallelujah Chorus by G.F. Handel. The left channel has all parts in the background, and the alto part emphasized. The right channel has just a solo voice singing the alto part.

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Choir Video Hallelujah Chorus Handel (Alto Part Emphasized)

Hallelujah Chorus – Handel (alto Part Emphasized)
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    Anna Tipton says:

    Exactly what I need to practice this alto part! Thanks ever-so-much!

    Terry Gathigo says:

    lovely alto helped me a lot. thanks!

    Phoebe Wolf says:

    Did anyone notice inconsistencies around 1:57 or unless I have different music than her. Helpful video

    todoazuldomar1 says:

    Very good! Thank you.

    Sydney Harper says:


    Sara O'Koon says:

    This will be my daughter first time ever performing this piece. This is a wonderful practice piece to work with. Ty for posting it.

    elena rabbo says:


    PortsAre Insane says:

    Thanks for uploading this help me

    Miriam Palmer says:

    I love this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ella Wallace says:

    Thank you for making this and taking it at a slower tempo. I can clearly hear the 16th notes. I learned soprano on this and have sung it that way for years, so this is really helping me wrap my brain around the alto part. Your sound is bright, but don't worry about that. Baroque Period music is normally sung without much vibrato. Too many quick notes to have too much of a heavy voice. You have a lovely tone and so do the rest of the singers in the background.

    Stephanie Elmendorf says:

    Our choir is singing this in a few weeks and this track has been so helpful in preparing for our performance! I sent all the parts to the rest of the choir! Thank you!!!

    milagros subires palomo says:

    ¡¡¡Genial!!! Mi salvación para aprender bien mi voz de contra alto. Gracias.

    stealthheartocarina z says:

    i had to sing this song for a christmas choir and this video was my savior 🙂 thx so much!!

    Pierre Bjn says:

    Une aide très précieuse merci beaucoup

    Pathetic Films (Derechos reservados) says:

    Gracias <3 me ayudaron un montón a afinarme

    sarah keiluhu says:

    Thank you very much… This really help me
    God bless you ^_^

    Janis Hagerdon says:

    Sweet voice and helpful 🙂 Thanks!!

    Leanne Keim says:

    This really helped me!! Thank you so much<3

    Steffany Atkison says:

    SO helpful!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! 😊😊😊 Much appreciated💕💕 I am singing this in my choir, and was having a hard time hearing the alto pitch.

    Alexia Joslin says:

    Excellent track for altos. Helped me so much! thanks!

    Maricachy Sanchez says:

    Thank you for sharing this version, which is easier to learn, as it's a little slower … great

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