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Georges Delerue - La Nuit Américaine - Le Grand Choral

Soundtrack: La Nuit Américaine
Director: François Truffaut

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Choir Video Georges Delerue Le Grand Choral

Georges Delerue – Le Grand Choral
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    Smashup Mashups says:

    Who came here because of Fantastic Mr. Fox?

    Richard 45 says:

    J adore la trompette piccolo.

    collins jones says:

    The race for the double helix brought me here

    vanalexyoutube says:

    One of my all-time favorite pieces. Always lifts my spirits. Truffaut & Delerue were a remarkable team. The music made the films better, and, likewise, the movies gave great mood to the music. Something seldom achieved these days, as director-composer collaborations are now short-lived. Thanks for the upload, great quality!

    Pierre Francillon says:

    Une influence de Vivaldi tres bien sentie….

    Jean-Noël BAILLY says:

    Georges Delerue fait partie de ces grands compositeurs français qui ont su si bien illustrer les plus grands films de nos plus grands cinéastes.
    Un régal à écouter mais il faut aussi prendre le temps de revoir tous les chefs d’œuvre qui illuminent les écrans blancs de nos salles noires.

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