Download Evh 5150 Chorus / Mxr Sugar Drive / Mxr Classic 108 Fuzz – Ola Testing Shit - Choir Video 2019

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Trying out three pedals in this video! The mighty EVH 5150 Chorus, the MXR Sugar Drive mini and the MXR Classic 108 Fuzz mini

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Choir Video EVH 5150 Chorus / MXR Sugar Drive / MXR Classic 108 Fuzz OLA TESTING SHIT

Evh 5150 Chorus / Mxr Sugar Drive / Mxr Classic 108 Fuzz – Ola Testing Shit
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  • Comments

    Ola Englund says:

    Trying out a bunch of pedals! IT'S A NICE!

    richard davis says:

    should have played some sleep riffs with that fuzz.

    HoboRec says:

    iddqd idkfa

    Tekas says:

    That sounds so 80s! I lovit!

    Shigrath says:

    You should call this part of the series "Ola testing a bunch of shit" 😀

    Oleksandr Alieksieiev says:

    Hello I'm Ola Englund the sweet! <3

    Jauni Halidé says:

    RATT ??????

    V N says:

    Ola i saw at the gates live yesterday, they used solar guitars!

    DonicsM says:

    Oh my god. That tone in the intro. I'm dying of laughter. haha

    Zivulovic Nenad says:

    Where is your RANDALL preset for MOOER PREAMP LIVE to download?I dont see it in your "comunity"Is Randall forbided that,or you just do not keep your word?

    Eduardo Pinto says:

    Try the 5150 overdrive please

    Drew Murphy says:

    Poop Wiener

    Lawson LaRue says:

    Man that sugar drive sounds incredible

    Gerry James Edwards says:

    I just happened to be looking through an old copy of Guitar World (2014) that had an article all about MXR's relationship with Eddie over the years, and a full-page ad for the Satan showing Ola not searching for tone any more.

    Trystan Anthony says:

    278k subs. What wrong with u. Give him more subs. He needs more, more, moooooore

    JRPowell3_Music says:

    I think a bright green yellow 7 string with a Floyd Rose and Ola graphic at the bottom of the bridge would look killer!

    JRPowell3_Music says:

    Wish they would combine the MXR flanger and chorus into 1 pedal. Two rows of knobs, two switches!

    JRPowell3_Music says:

    Ric Ola drive!

    Richard Swan says:

    Hoping you make it to the US.. recently discovered your youtube channel and have really enjoy it… great gear information and you are a lot of fun to watch. Please come to the US for clinics, or even better go on SHIPROCKED….

    White Bread says:

    Does Edward’s chorus beat Zak’s chorus?

    Nicholas Dentato says:

    Back to the M160?

    Thiago Auditore says:

    Sorry Ola but i just can't stop staring at that Dean Dime guitar in the background… it's just wonderfull.

    Otasan says:

    I was sure I was gonna get to hear some Electric Wizard for a minute there…

    ill fated planet says:

    "not necessarily nasty" lol

    thedddemon says:

    You should have tried the chorus in the front of the amp as well. Like a man.

    Tristan R. says:

    Love to see more Fuzz from Ola!

    Kevin Standridge says:

    Were you in a shreddy mood or was that something about the sugar drive making you noodle more than usual? Either way sounds good!

    elus1ve 0ne says:

    Hey man, the woodgrain background with the logo looks sick 👍

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