Download ‘don’t Give Up’ Live (maggie Szabo & the Trans Chorus of La) - Choir Video 2019

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Thank you so much to the Trans Chorus of LA for letting me stand by your side.

To find them on Facebook:
Social media: @allaboutmaggie
To contact us directly:

Thank you to:
Jonah Lipaz – Video director, editor and producer, sound engineer
Joe Lawrence – Choir music director
Abdullah Hall and Kathryn Davis – LA Trans Chorus Artistic Co-Directors
Tyler Lyons – Sound mixing

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Choir Video ‘Dont Give Up LIVE (Maggie Szabo The Trans Chorus Of LA)

‘don’t Give Up’ Live (maggie Szabo & <span class='fc_lc'>the</span> Trans Chorus <span class='fc_lc'>of</span> La)
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    Barry Maclean says:

    nice one Mag!

    Eric Fistarol says:

    Merci ! bizz

    andieness says:

    Wow, this was amazing Maggie! 🙂

    Anne Tello says:

    Nice! And your piano skills sounds great!

    Sheryl Jensen says:

    Wonderful .. It was nice to all your hard work come alive in this special video.

    Andre Correa says:

    Fantastic performance.

    Rick Grayson says:

    Crying here. Thank you for such beauty.

    Laura says:

    Such a wonderful song and message! <3

    Buds4u says:

    Soooo good….! 💜💜💜

    delonmusic says:

    So so proud of Maggie!! Wow you nailed this one. The song the hook the bridge and of course the voice!! So good and I’m so proud to have been able to be a part of your journey!

    Peter Mackett says:

    Absolutely fantastic performance, Maggie!

    Ron V says:

    Absolutely fabulous–That's ma girl!

    TheHarabeli100 says:

    Amazing! Such a lovely, warm voice! Well done, Maggie! 😚❤

    Elisiario Silva says:

    A todos meus parabéns magnífico empenho!

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