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From classic warbling modulation to lush 80s tri-chorus, and some wild pitch bending effects ready to beam straight from toneprint, Corona Chorus from TC Electronic is a great introduction to the world of chorus.

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Choir Video Corona Chorus TC Electronic

Choir: Corona Chorus TC Electronic Corona chorus | stompboxes | guitar | tc electronic, High-quality toneprint-enabled chorus pedal with 2 built-in chorus, tone adjustment control and stereo i/o,. Choir: Corona Chorus TC Electronic Tc electronic corona chorus toneprint series guitar, Get the guaranteed best price on chorus, flanger & phar effects pedals li the tc electronic corona chorus toneprint series guitar effects pedal at. Choir: Corona Chorus TC Electronic 「tc electronic corona chorus -, ヤフオク!は、誰でも簡単に[tc electronic corona chorus]などを売り買いが楽しめる、日本最大のネットオークション.

Download Corona Chorus TC Electronic Tc electronic corona chorus -, In great contion and fully working. has velcro on the ba and includes box & pawork. was looking for £65 shipped but ma me a nsible offer.. Download Corona Chorus TC Electronic Tc electronic ( ティーシーエレクトロニック ) / corona chorus, Tc electronic corona chorusなら、楽器と音響機器のネット通販最大手サウンドハウス!送料・代引き手数料無料、首都圏. Download Corona Chorus TC Electronic Tc electronic scf - stereo chorus flanger, Achetez votre tc electronic scf - stereo chorus flanger sur sonovente, amplis et effets à un prix à cou le souffle ! une des meilleures.

Corona Chorus Tc Electronic
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    BrandenTheTroll says:

    Quality content as always, thank you.

    O. Phillips says:

    That H.O.F. 2 is something I've been meaning to check out. I rarely dabble in reverbs, mainly because a lot of the ones I have tried are, for lack of a better word, muddy. But the H.O.F. always seemed more flexible. I'd love to see your take on it.

    RedroomStudios says:

    can't wait for the Heineken chorus to come out! though, TC kind of confused things by making the Corona green. seriously though, fantastic sound quality out of that thing. I actually preferred the more defined sound of the single chorus to the tri chorus. would really have to check it out in person to be sure though.

    Aiden Macleod says:

    Hey Colin! Welcome back! Any news on the Pro Co Rat review yet? Also, is that a DiMarzio Super Distortion in the guitar?

    Ernesto Flores says:

    Hall of fame

    Nathaniel Damarelos says:

    Hey Colin, you should really check out the OCD drive pedal by Fulltone. It’s the only drive pedal I’ve ever had and I don’t want anything different. You won’t be disappointed… I hope.

    Charles Campbell says:

    You need to do another series like Will It Shred. That's one of the bets things to be put on youtube, I'd love to see a second one or even just a build.

    Luke Parry says:

    What’s the worse the valve Marshall in your opinion

    russell2937 says:

    It needs more gain.

    And less meds.


    Nicolas MacDuffee says:

    TC electronic has been killing it!

    The MountianDude says:

    Hey Colin, have you considered doing Joyo pedal reviews? I know you've talked about the Vintage Overdrive, but there's a boatload more. I don't know about the UK, but they're dirt cheap here in the US, so it's not like they'd be hard to come by.

    jmurockstar says:

    That 3rd fret inlay is messing with me. It looks like my guitars often do… with a pick stored in the strings. Good video.

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