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“Through the storm we reach the shore. You give it all but I want more. And I’m waiting for you.”

U2’s mighty The Joshua Tree turned 30 this year + for the past two weeks, we’ve been singing our respects. This Tuesday, we filled the room and took on With Or Without You, a swelling jam that stands the test of time. As always, we taught + practiced the arrangement in just over an hour and then shot this vid.

Sing along! Headphones recommended.

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Choir Video Choir! Sings U2 With Or Without You

Choir! Sings U2 “with <span class='fc_lc'>or</span> Without You”
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    Christophe Adam says:

    Qui peut mettre un commentaire négatif ? C'est beau, c'est l'humanité telle que nous aimerions qu'elle ressemble chaque jour.

    joycieeable says:

    yahhhhhh !!!!🙌🙌🙌

    yufg yug says:

    ever since i discovered ccc ive been listening more to you guys than the original songs.
    also you should consider covering heartbeats by the knife, kind of jose gonzalez style ; )

    Rob G says:

    Just perfect, thanks. I'm gonna have another few listens, but I reckon it was classic CCC material. Begs another question. Do you advertise the song choice in advance, or wait till they are all in?
    And I cant help asking again, but I would still love to see the practice sessions on here as well.

    Chris Chin says:

    soooo sad to have missed this one. stellar job, fellow C!peeps!

    September Rain says:

    OMG goosebumps…everywhere! WOW!

    Ed Francis says:

    Would you ever consider doing For What's It's Worth (Buffalo Springfield)? Just seems really apt these days.

    Palasantingan says:

    please do
    foxes – money
    lorde – green light

    Andrea RM says:

    PLEASE Young and beautiful – Lana del Rey
    Please, pleaseeee 😢😢😢

    Keith Soo-Tho, KST says:

    1:42 Right of Screen. Andrea Bocelli undercover haahahhhaa.

    Ana Paula Braz says:

    simplesmente Lindooo 😍 belo trabalho!

    Rio Arnanda says:

    its awesome for me,good voice all

    Alec Brunswick says:

    do Live Forever or dont look back in anger

    toyota supra says:

    "And there it is" WOW this was never a favourite song for me….. until you guys sung it.

    Arely Alarcon says:

    This is the most beautiful that i can ser
    U2 is the best in the world.. thank you for make this song😭💙❤

    Jimsoft says:

    There's a guy who looks like a 50yr old version of me. I love that man.

    Jeniffer Ethier says:

    This is beautiful 💜👏

    Diego Patiño says:

    One of the best so far

    jlangdon62 says:

    HUGE HUGE HUGE SB of this for next Wednesday night!!! Stunning.

    Drake Santiago says:

    Thank you for doing this excellent choir cover to one of the most memorable songs of the 80s, from an album – The Joshua Tree – that is arguably one of the best albums in rock history. Every song that U2 made from that album would sound great in a choir setting.

    JustKeith says:

    First time I've seen a site with no dislikes. Only 1500 views so far… If you 'dislike' reply and let me know why.

    sttommore says:

    Awesome job! This is the first U2 song that really grabbed me, and their music was among the things that gave my life direction as I was coping with high school, and coming of age.

    Marcos G. Díaz says:


    Sofia Py says:

    please do tiny dancer!! like that almost famous scene

    Rick Saunders says:

    Gorgeous arrangement. Kudos!

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