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This Saturday we got together in Toronto to sing James Taylor’s EPIC beauty Shower The People + raise money for 25 Days Of Charity! Charity! Charity! It’s our annual campaign to raise funds for 25 incredible organizations (big + small).

Check them all out in our beautiful advent calender at – it’s a community of charities who work hard to make the world a better place. Donations are collected in one fund + will be equally distributed to all 25.

Thank you for a great year. It was beyond challenging but we refuse to stop seeing the beauty, especially when we all come together for good.

XOXO Happy Holidays, we celebrate it all with you. XOXO


PS: A huge thanks to Zero11Zero for all their help in producing this video with us. Big hats off to Byron, Justin, Mike, Jordan, Matt, Kejd and everyone on the Team. Much thanks to Collective Concerts, and everyone at the Phoenix Concert Theatre. Our continued gratitude to Jason Burns, Elyse Alavie and everyone at A&C Management. And everyone who came to support and sing. We couldn’t do it without all of you!

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Choir Video Choir! Sings James Taylor Shower The People

Choir: Choir! Sings James Taylor Shower The People Carciuma n batrani - restaurant trational, Sata in ma celui mai mare muzeu al satului romanesc, cârciuma n bãtrâni pãstreazã in zidurile ei zâmbetele curate ale bãtrânilor nostri dragi..

Choir! Sings James Taylor – Shower <span class='fc_lc'>the</span> People
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    Patskar says:

    Outstanding. This might be my favorite so far.

    Jaysingsforsmiles says:

    Been wanting you guys to do this song for so long!! And wow, man. You’ve got a set of pipes. Great voice

    maryragansings says:

    You are all shining your light.
    Blessings and thank You!

    Brian Taylor says:

    Just beautiful- bravo!

    Renata Carone says:

    you are awesome!!!!!!!!!!

    Cheryl Gavreluk says:

    Beautiful! So many people from so many walks of life….in one room….smiling and singing together. That is amazing.

    ajsmiley says:

    This brought tears to my eyes. What a glorious sound!

    September Rain says:

    Wow! What a wonderful song and performed so good. Thank you for sharing that with us <3

    Deirdre Roche says:

    Wonderful performance! What a lovely message to put out into our fractured world at this time of peace.

    mudhens4ever says:

    Wonderful performance, and thanks for choosing this song. It brings back so many memories of a long road trip I took – one that changed my life – in 1976.

    chickiesgrettagirl says:

    just beautiful!! <3

    Dean Morrow says:

    Simply beautiful, wish I was there in person. Happy Holidays to everyone at Choir Choir Choir and everyone else reading this.

    Tim B says:

    like it reason perfect timing or tiempo.

    tps607 says:

    A most remarkable performance!! Joyeux Noel!

    Susan Laddon says:

    O… CANADA!!! I <3 you! Listen up, AMERICA.

    toyota supra says:

    The guitarist…… WOW he has a fine voice too ! first time i've heard him sing a lead like that… good work people.

    Born Catherine says:

    Wow! Beautiful! I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to sing with all of you beautiful people!

    Elizabeth Long says:


    Donald Fugitt says:

    Awesome! Love ❤️ 💕 💗

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