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The first choir flash mob: singing, trial bike & beat box.
All together, to promote a good cause, a bicycle event for 11.11.11, a non-profit who fights for a fairer world without poverty.

A realisation featuring:
Choreo: Petra Hanskens
Music score & choir conductor: Kristof Aerts
Beat boxers: Céto, Primitiv, Djofn
Trial bikers: Kenny Belaey, Iciar Van den Bergh, Wesley Belaey, Andy Masschelin, Steven Vanheste, Rodrique Insuelme, Filip Meirhaeghe
Main choirs:
Les Cérises, Leuvens Universitair Koor, Amarylca, Gynaika, Waelrant, Alstublieft Dankuwel, singsing!
Nordin De Moor; Tine Anthonis & Jorien Van Bouwel (Cantilene), Axelle Gijselinckx, Dorien De Bleser , Emma Verwimp (Carmina); Stéphania Casneuf, Mélicia Casneuf, Sofie De Bois en Lin Daems (Studio 100 choir), Marit Van Atten & Brenda Bakker (Universitair Koor Antwerpen); Inge Piryns

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Choir Video Choir / Bike Flashmob Central Station Brussels

Choir / Bike Flashmob Central Station Brussels
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    GrazYanaz says:

    Bellissimo!!! By from Italy!

    Dillen TheOnlyOne says:

    Omg i <3 brussel

    SuperHeidiB says:

    prachtig <3

    Mister Kanister says:

    this is fucking shit

    Baobab Publishers says:

    The first #choir flash mob: singing, trial bike & beat box.
    All together, to promote a good cause, a non-profit who fights for a fairer
    world without poverty.

    Celso Ferreira says:


    Munirah Fadzil says:

    it’s very amazing.This is my favorites vedio.

    anointedstrings says:

    LOL, love it ! Who wrote the score ? Brilliant ! If your ever in
    Detroit ,come and ride with us in the critical mass and the monday slow
    roll. There you can find a strong bike community with bike organizations
    like G.M.O.B. (Grown Men On Bikes ) and many others. Look for us on
    Facebook !

    Matalalala says:

    It’s not a flashmob, it’s a surprise performance.

    StromerStore Zürich says:
    Mustafa Karakus says:
    Ricardo Willy says:


    Ldstormkill1 says:

    gotta love people

    Wolfgang JAHN (Musik) says:

    Choir / bike flashmob Central Station Brussels

    bojko wladislaw says:
    Roy Dennis says:

    Great bicycle flashmob!!!
    #flashmobopera #flashmob #brussels #youtubetips #bike #bicycle

    Frowin Grün says:

    Great bicycle flashmob!!!
    #flashmobopera #flashmob #brussels #youtubetips #bike #bicycle


    schon was vor dieses Weekend – ein Velo Flashmob wäre auch in der Schweiz
    möglich -

    Eddy Back says:

    BIKE YEAH!!!

    vizion88 says:

    Do you have an mp3 version available? We want to do it for a stunt!

    StephVDV says:

    @MirandaTDAfan I like it to 🙂

    Poopiesnoopies says:

    Whats with white people and flash mobs, oh and by the way I’m white.

    Caitlintje Loko says:


    Lina Castle says:

    @silkelovessinging echt he! (;

    jkirk1626 says:

    This is the most creative flash mob I’ve seen. Well done! A full on
    production with outside-the-box thinking. Props to all of you!

    energ8t says:

    I get the feeling people watch too many musicals….

    JimJamLive says:

    2:17 Cowboy don’t give a shit.

    Franka V says:

    so cute that little girl!!!!!!

    Michael Van Aertselaere says:

    @lalala99877 that’s true i’m flemish and indeed belgian people know very
    good how to do a flashmob

    5alamander says:

    Life’s just a musical?

    Raisa Harkema says:

    @vredesduifje En dat is zo’n beetje het enige!!!

    Eduardo Kuhn da Luz says:

    Sem palavras para descrever !!!

    Kubiyo says:

    @MsTribus Zo’n pech heb ik ook altijd ;P

    5jarmo5 says:

    amazing voice from the little girl WE WANT MORE!! 😛 is de waarheid

    MrRavege says:

    wew thats a great flash mob

    Loukaaa13 says:

    This amazing!

    WildZangoose says:

    But it’s about a naked bicycle race

    FRIGYES10 says:

    @chi6075 shes like 16..

    sammieboj says:

    If you’re belgian, you’d spot the two police singers immediatley. They
    don’t look like cops in any way except their clothing.

    KellyLOL1993 says:

    Jongens, we hebben hier een hele hoop verdachte pakketjes staan

    Twilightsuperfan001 says:

    I think they did it in several times, like a 100 times

    Judith De Lee says:

    kheb ooit mijn trein is gemist door een flashmob!

    Louie Wouters says:

    they did multiple

    Amelia Carlos says:

    This is cool 🙂

    11soccergurl11 says:

    Pretty sure I was joking, but thanks captain obvious.

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