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Doug Marshall plays Marshall & Ogletree Opus 5 in the Oratory at Ave Maria University. AMU is located in Ave Maria, Florida, near Naples.

Specifications and information about this organ and others built by M&O are available at The university web site is: Please visit!

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Choir Video César Franck Choral In A Minor

César Franck – Choral <span class='fc_lc'>in</span> A Minor
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  • Comments

    Ron Pearcy says:

    Simply Superb!!!

    Ralph Fisher says:

    Mr. Marshall may be an extraordinary digital organ designer, and a technically respectable organist, but he totally misrepresented this piece. Playing the "chorale" on celestes completely misses the point; the "adagio" is played with all the sensitivity of a Republican. Then at the climactic recapitulation of the chorale with the left hand restating (developed) the opening theme in the left hand, you can't hear it because he doesn't reduce the pedal. A pedal point that powerful simply drowns out any counterpoint going on in manuals. It's simple acoustics.

    Andrew Ernyes says:

    Wonderful playing and interpretation. Wonderful instrument. Wonderful composition.
    The thre pillars of an outstandingly enjoyable presentation. Thanks, Mr. Marshall

    Håkan Sundberg says:

    I'd say standing ovations for this performance! Precision, sensitivity and power! At least with this master player, the digital organ competes well with a real pipe organ. Still I also much would like to hear Marshall with a pipe organ. I´ll look through this site to begin with.

    mickypoo4622 says:

    A brilliant interpretation!  I loved the contrasting beauty and tension. Thank you for being so imaginative.

    BlueWaltz42 says:

    Wonderful! Thrills my soul every time I hear this composition!!

    Arie Scheiberlich says:

    Impressive piece and organ …

    David Callahan says:

    Franck's piece takes me on a journey that seems to end at the gateway to another world.

    George Deans says:

    as a pipe organ builder this is by far the best sound that I have heard produced by a pipeless organ.

    julian levant says:

    Maestro Marshall is a truly great and inspiring organist.

    markb61 says:

    this is my favorite #3 in Amin on the Tube – such artistry in playing, such layering with the organ – Bravo! Mr Marshall

    artje123 says:

    Beautiful! I knew this piece in a version transcribed for piano as recorded by pianist Stephen Hough long time ago. Used to listen to so many times as a teenager. The slow part touches me deeply. Thank you for your wonderful playing.

    Roger Taissidre says:

    Félicitation, Vous êtes un très grand interprète.

    giannibri says:

    Very well played! but.. I had never see somebody in turning pages.. and pages follow the music!….

    Bill Raty says:

    Using the swell celestes after the opening toccata is sumptuous! Delicious performance through and through!

    Tapio Portimo says:

    Electronic/sampled organs have come a long way, but low pedals give them away every time. Just not anywhere near natural.

    Kemped Kemp says:

    awesome playing organpower!

    Ozzman Osgood says:

    I like the 64 footer he turned on at th— I better not spoil it >:D

    ChrissysVideokids says:


    Terry Farrow says:

    I prefer this performance to the one by M.C. Alain. Very musical and I prefer the virtual pipe organ here which has a warmer sound. Well done to performer and the organ maker!

    Richard van Pukkem says:

    This recording gives me goosebumps. Especially after the 10th minute mark, love the bass in the pedal there. I stored this video on my NAS and will keep it there forever 🙂

    Ben - says:

    Wow, what an organ!
    And what a organplayer!
    Thanks for this performance.

    Kätzchen Kaktus says:

    with true Musicality indeed – artistic.

    Carson Myers says:

    Many organ builders are not accomplished organists, and vice versa. The fact that Doug Marshall has both the qualities of craftsman and a musician is what makes Marshall & Ogletree organs the best digital installations in the world. 

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