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This is César Franck’s Choral No. 2 in B Minor for pipe organ.

I don’t know who the organist performing in the recording is and I don’t know what organ this is performed on.

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Choir Video Cesar Franck: Choral 2 In B Minor

Cesar Franck: Choral 2 <span class='fc_lc'>in</span> B Minor
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    Gérard Begni says:

    This corale of Franck is probably the most severe of th three. It is not the least appealing. It is a sort of irregular passacaglia

    Dimapelo Manual says:

    6:20 Wow =D

    Edoardo Fittipaldi says:

    Thank you for posting it. I wonder when Franck's time will come and a badly needed opus omne will become available.

    HoeeSayy says:

    The last 90 seconds of this piece.. Just wow.. the sweetness of it takes your breath away. Wonderfully performed.

    William Cumming says:

    Wonderful piece, beautifully played. Thanks for posting with comments by Dr Ji

    IIIJFRIII says:

    Just what I was looking for, thank you.

    Gerard Carter says:

    A beautiful performance.

    Gerard Carter says:

    Cesar Franck was thrown to the ground in September 1890 as a result of a collision with the pole of a horse-drawn tram. The injury seems to have triggered pleurisy and pericarditis to which he succumbed in November of that year.

    raul reyes says:

    wow this is a great performer!

    whcscomlat says:

    In my opinion C. Franck wasn't only a componist – he is in fact a "painter of harmonies" – the whole piece sounds so extremely entire than hardly any other piece of organ music

    S.A. Hogan says:

    Quite simply one of the most gorgeous pieces of music ever written, let alone organ pieces. If you ever want to hear what God sounds like… Although a worthy performance by Dr. Speller here he, like most, plays this piece a trifle too slowly, lessening the impact of its interplay between thunder and sweetness, its sheer emotional power. Marie-Claire Alain's on the Cavaille-Coll at Reims remains the definitive version, the one that never fails to put tears in my eyes! Thanks for posting this!

    Su-Ryeon Ji says:

    Dr. Frank Speller is not only a wonderful performer, but also a great pedagogue. I studied with him for my undergrad, and he is still my mentor.  Thank you for posting!

    3098981 says:

    The organist is Frank Speller and the organ that he is playing on is at the University of Texas.

    tuppennyblue says:

    Very fine sounding instrument and great for the period and school with lots of colour. The performance is superb! Would love to know who it is and where it is played. I do know that it isn't Liverpool Christ the King. or the Anglican Cathedral.

    kcdaisley says:

    really great performance. Makes me want to learn it.

    Han says:

    Cesar Franck died in a traffic accident. In that time it must be a car with a horse I think. Cars were in that periode not often on roads. Again a nice piece.

    geminian7846 says:

    Many thanks. A fine performance, whoever gave it, on a very right-sounding instrument, wherever it was.

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