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Sinds 2013 studeert Gert van Hoef hoofdvak orgel aan het Koninklijk Conservatorium in Den Haag. Hij ontvangt daar orgellessen van Jos van der Kooy en krijgt tevens pianoles van Katy Satur.
Vanaf die tijd geeft hij ook regelmatig orgelconcerten door het hele land. Wil je een concert met hem boeken? Ga dan naar zijn website en klik op ‘Boekingen’


Hier speelt hij Choral No. 3 in a minor van César Franck in de Hervormde Kerk te Veen (N-Brabant). Het orgel werd gebouwd in 2000 door orgelbouwer Pels & Van Leeuwen.

8 februari 2014
Hervormde Kerk Veen
Registrant Jan de Rooij

Gert van Hoef plays Choral No. 3 in A minor van César Franck in concert at the organ of the Reformed church in Veen (Netherlands)
The organ was built in 2000 by organ builder Pels & Van Leeuwen.

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Choir Video C. Franck Choral 3 In A Minor Orgelconcert Veen

C. Franck – Choral 3 <span class='fc_lc'>in</span> A Minor – Orgelconcert Veen
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    Sandra Leandro says:

    Excelente performance! Bravo! Bravissimo! Cesar Franck, grande mestre da musica! Grandemente interpretado por Gert. Gostaria de ouvi-lo tocar prelude fugue variation de Cesar Franck, pois e minha predileta deste mestre.

    RWAS073 says:

    Ik houd het nooit droog bij César Franck's Choral no. 3. Op mij 19de kocht ik de versie van Jeanne Demessieux. Ongelofelijk om dit stuk aan te durven op Gert's leeftijd. Magnifiek.

    Rémy Naullet says:

    Très beau et belle interprétation.

    robert shaw says:

    Fantastic!! Beautifully done. Powerful, sensitive, nicely registered, this is a crowning work of Franck's and Gert has certainly done it justice even though he didn't study in a french conservatory, this is not a French organ and Gert is A Good Dutch boy. Wonderful performance that can easily compare to the best of them.

    WoodyofmC says:

    That's been a GREAT…no…even a SUPERB performance, Gert!
    Congratulations and THANKS for the upload.

    Bagawan says:

    Beautiful! Thank you very much…

    Gerhard G says:

    Sjoe! 'n Mens kan nie anders as om die ywer waarmee hy speel op te merk nie. So jammer dat die video nie die voetwerk vertoon nie.

    Alain MEYET says:

    Tous les samedis soir, aux grandes orgues de la cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, un concert de trois quarts d'heure est donné par un organiste invité, français ou étranger. Ce soir (7 mai 2016), il s'agissait de Damien Simon, cotitulaire du grand orgue de la cathédrale de Strasbourg. Entre autres oeuvres, il a joué le Choral n° 3 de César Franck. Je n'ai pas vibré à son interprétation, que j'ai perçue comme fade et trop uniforme. Me souvenant que notre cher Gert nous avait déjà gratifiés d'une vidéo de cette oeuvre majeure, j'ai tenu à le réécouter. Eh bien, Gert van Hoef nous donne une version bien meilleure, à mon goût, que cet organiste pourtant reconnu et talentueux ! Sous les doigts de Gert, ce choral s'illumine, les registrations retenues sont admirables et contrastées ; on pourrait dire que le morceau s'écrit, se déroule peu à peu sous ses mains. Ici, en l'écoutant, on ressent une réelle émotion, on vibre ! Peut-être le tempo est-il un peu rapide… et alors ? un interprète n'est pas là pour jouer servilement une oeuvre, il lui incombe, bien au contraire, de faire partager la vision qu'il en a. J'oserai dire qu'il devient, en quelque sorte, coauteur de l'oeuvre, conjointement avec le compositeur. Mais cela, seuls les grands interprètes en sont capables : ainsi, parmi les jeunes organistes parisiens, Thomas Ospital, Baptiste-Florian Marle-Ouvrard, Karol Mossakowski, Olivier Penin, Johan Vexo, Vincent Dubois, Benjamin Alard, Jean-Baptiste Robin, Jean-Baptiste Monnot… et c'est aussi le cas de Gert van Hoef !

    TOÏ TOÏ says:

    Technic, technic, technic… et what about the music ?

    Amene Mir says:

    Thank you so much Gert. I was looking for music to play in the background whilst I read. On hearing your playing I had to stop all! The music completely took me over. Wonderful playing. You are truly talented and will go far I'm sure of it.

    ChrissysVideokids says:


    Bouncybon says:

    Gert gives everything to this performance. Heart and soul, body and spirit. I love his expressive movements. We have an expression in English: 'he wears his heart on his sleeve' which comes to mind whenever I hear Gert play a great organ piece. Mr van Hoef is not afraid to reveal his deep feeling and emotional commitment. It is very moving, not only to hear, but also to witness in these videos. Many years from now these recordings will still be watched and listened to with the same appreciation of joyful hearts.

    Jacob Trull says:

    he's so white

    ledhec says:

    Well, I'm not a "connoceur" of this music but I can see that exist interpretations and interpretations. I can to make considerations taking a base on the Gould' works, and feels that not all the time the interpreter fallows strictly the original line of partiture. I think that the most important is how much one interpreter touch our true feelings. Into myself, Gert touch me all time. God bless him.

    Haroen Jeroen says:

    Fantastisch werk en subliem gespeeld.

    mickwable says:

    Why do all these players have to be visually drama queens? Keep your hands for the next move, not waving about, Liberace has gone. Next you will be jumping off the stool twix bars. 
    Good playing, lot of rubato, not necessary, its in the music. The technique is totally sound. Good video where, fingering can show up in this piece and its faultless.

    ledhec says:

    I love the Franck's music, that are perfect to my ears. This Gert's performance is so hight. I am so exited with this.

    speedstick77 says:

    The clarity of the internal lines is stunning. I never knew this piece could be so alive.

    Eric DOUARINOU says:

    bravo Gert
    Je trouve ton interprétation très vivante

    Louis Alarcon says:

    Jan has to be complimented tremendously.  He is definitely a professional as a registrant and reader of music to assist Gert.

    Jan van der neut says:

    Klasse gespeeld !  Trek je vooral niets aan van het commentaar van zg "kenners" die menen dat een stuk   maar op één manier ":hun" manier kan worden vertolkt.

    Gerard Carter says:

    Thanks for this, Gert.

    Romanikant says:

    I've already heard this piece of x-times, but rarely felt so deeply and intimately interpreted, how you play it! Also, I find your registering very successful. 
    I have only one wish: that never try any professors to work off your personal style!
    Goede prestaties, jullie twee.

    Paul Isaacs says:

    There are a lot of harmonic and complex things happening in Franck's work that are missed when playing certain passages very quickly.  

    PeterGiffon says:

    Bad playing. Totally rushed, no tension or highlights. Seems like he didn´t deal with the historical backround of this marvelous piece. Technique isn´t all.

    Alberto Bandiera says:

    Bravo e complimenti maestro Gert

    keith moran says:

    This is yet another bravura performance Gert van Hoef  and well done. 🙂

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