Download Beautiful Dawn Chorus Birdsong – Nature Sounds - Choir Video 2019

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Beautiful and Relaxing Dawn Chorus Birdsong – Nature Sounds, birds singing,
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Sounds to aid Sleep, sleeping, relaxation, meditation, study, reading, yoga, stress relief

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Choir Video Beautiful Dawn Chorus Birdsong Nature Sounds

Beautiful Dawn Chorus Birdsong – Nature Sounds
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    CA J says:

    😍😍Beautiful 😍😍

    Bal Baniya says:

    great sound

    Carol Wade says:

    The bird's songs are nice, but for real relaxation, try videos and soothing music by TIM JANIS, like "Flying Over," which has a video done from a hot-air balloon, or any of his soothing compositions and amazing videos, which WILL relax you. I leave this one on when I'm busy cooking, cleaning house, and no time to sit and watch anything. 11/07/2017

    Marika Staniszewska says:

    I like this musick 🎵🎵🎵🎵

    detoured briefly says:

    feathered angels

    Fandi P says:

    Wow keren terasa kayak di hutan liar

    Seisho Liu says:


    Otravez 39 says:

    Thank you. It's the simple pleasures that deliver the most joy.

    Niffler1997 says:

    listening to this to drown out my noisy drunk neighbours and the pudding noise of their party, this is much more beautiful and meaningful than today's modern music

    inconceivabledark says:

    I've woken up this morning,6.00am, and the flipping riot going on out side is anything but peaceful and tranquil. one bird in particular sounds like it's doing it's damndest to immitate every other species of bird known to man and possibly a few made up ones too…… ugh make it stop……

    uremove says:

    Beautiful! Thank you for this recording. I hope to use it for an elderly bed bound relative, who has dementia, but used to love feeding and watching the birds in her garden. Very soothing to listen to.

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