Download Amazing Choir Perpetuum Jazzile Performs Toto’s Africa and Uses There Hands to Simulate Storm - Choir Video 2019

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This is amazing!! No more to be said!

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Choir Video Amazing Choir Perpetuum Jazzile Performs Totos Africa And Uses There Hands To Simulate Storm

Amazing Choir Perpetuum Jazzile Performs Toto’s Africa <span class='fc_lc'>and</span> Uses There Hands <span class='fc_lc'>to</span> Simulate Storm
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    PlayJunkie says:

    The women sound almost annoying in the very beggining, I can’t really put
    my finger on it. Vocalist goes flat right before the first chorus, the
    beatboxer isn’t all that great, the harmonies sound forced, this is no
    where near amazing, it’s OK. And then this is just my idea, I’m not a music

    nakita anderson says:


    A.C. CAS says:

    When the aliens land, this is how we should greet them.

    Bhre Bima says:

    cool ;D

    Djmams1 says:

    Trop bien !

    MIBAQS says:

    AWE some

    AnnaKarina2 says:

    Awesome! thank for this share knytebyte 🙂 Thank you for posting
    denimtrain07 🙂

    justamomentntymz says:

    WOW!!! you are rully right Liza (RememberTheEighties ), Amazingly
    BEAUTIFUL..Unique..I LOVE IT!! thank you for sharing,Liza… Thank you for
    up loading this magical master piece,denimtrain07 All the bright star for

    Eric Blair says:

    Fantastic! Thanks for posting.

    Em_ily says:

    far better than the real thing!

    Peter Serra says:

    no words can describe such epicness

    RememberTheEighties says:

    Wow simply amazing!

    linktronics says:

    Amazing stuff great arrangment . It would ahve been over the top with
    someone to really punch out the lead vocals though. like the original
    vocalist did

    housesing says:

    Very cool!!!

    TsakirisAlexandros says:

    Lol it gives justice to the original!

    knytebyte says:

    Powerful stuff.

    cees485 says:

    What a performance. Who needs instruments? Great voices also.

    Coma ToMama says:


    alysha devine says:

    i dont know what it is but the guy with the yellow shirt and black jacket
    irritates me

    陈 彦浩 says:


    EverElizabeth says:

    very cool… amazing share !!!!

    Ch1iLa09 says:

    wachted this 100 times and still epic !

    Sonia Gignac says:

    Amazing !

    nickster2866 says:


    DarkAngelGirl7 says:

    very sweet!

    jiada4 says:

    simply great! ^_^

    Nqoba Ngubeni says:

    Cloudburst is so much better…

    flowergirlinWard17 says:

    Thank you for posting this. Watching this performance has relieved me of a
    failed audition 25 years ago. YAY! I can like the song again! Dig the Jerry
    Seinfeld look-alike spitting out the rhythm on the mic. And I love the
    touch of an accent in the lead singers.

    TheSorinpetoanca says:

    uiti de toate grijile, iti aduci aminte ca esti viu si ca ai foc in tine!!
    Toate gandurile bune din Romania, Constanta

    JmodsRs says:

    Amazing Choir RESPECT FROM: The Netherlands!

    nchlsrynlds says:

    Indiana FFA State Chorus did this at State Convention 2011. It was fantastic

    Pidgebo1010 says:

    Incredible. I actually think that underestimates the awesomeness of this.

    Dupes78 says:


    jondalarj says:

    Hair raising awesome!

    Daniel Buenaventura says:


    jumpinjacksplat says:


    MYmiddleNAMEisFRANK says:

    Lol. Close your eyes and just listen. Picture yourself on a dinghy in the
    middle of Milford Sounds with zero visibility and no idea which direction
    you’re facing…

    Judy M says:

    Great Video…..very unusual.

    FreaxUnleashed says:

    They should do a cover of “Awesome God”. 🙂 ♥ They’re amazing!

    Abigail Schoelen says:

    Thats so cool it sounds like a storm!!!!! #amazing #heckya

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