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A gorgeous anthology of famous Sacred Masterpieces performed by the Choir of New College of Oxford, conducted by Edward HIGGINBOTTOM.
Recorded in New College Chapel-Oxford-England, january/april 1996. [DDD /HD]

TRACKS LIST / TIMING : total time : 72,36mn.
00:00 1 BARBER : Agnus Dei
08:00 2 FAURE : Cantique de Jean Racine
13:25 3 PALESTRINA : Kyrie (Missa Papae Marcelli
17:42 4 MOZART : Ave Verum Corpus
20:50 5 BACH : Jesus joy of man’s derising -Jesus bleibet meine Freude
23:49 6 RACHMANINOV : Ave Maria
27:18 7 ELGAR : Lux Aeterna
31:50 8 GORECKI : Totus Tuus
40:14 9 MENDELSSOHN : Hear my Prayer
51:15 10 TAVENER : The Lamb
54:32 11 FAURE : In Paradisum (Requiem)
57:43 12 ALLEGRI : Miserere mei, Deus

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Choir Video AGNUS DEI Sacred Choral Music The Choir Of New College, Oxford. E.HIGGINBOTTOM [Full Album]

Agnus Dei – Sacred Choral Music – <span class='fc_lc'>the</span> Choir <span class='fc_lc'>of</span> New College, Oxford. E.higginbottom [full Album]
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    thepigglettboys says:

    It’s 12.15am I’m in bed after feeling crap all day and this is just the
    thing I need. I’ve been reading the comments and there seems to be a lot
    from religious people. I’m not in the slightest bit religious i DO NOT
    believe in any kind of god at all I’ve never said anything about any kind
    of after life. What a load of crap but that’s my views I believe in science
    not religion. Anyone could have written the bible it’s almost like a
    distant relative of today’s going viral. But you don’t need to be into god
    bothering to appreciate music like this. I love this music but I also love
    house music, rap, techno, heavy metal and many more genres
    Well done guys on doing this so well

    LAMIRAL45 says:

    To Mrsgranpaws
    Hello my friend,
    If you like the Masses in latin, the musical repertoire is infinite !
    Usually you can find this in the Catholic liturgic Music, in the famous
    masterpieces of Schubert, Mozart, Faure, Charpentier, Vivaldi, Bach, Verdi,
    Pergolesi, Haendel, Allegri…. or in the Ancient Music of middle- age.
    Types are very diversified ! Requiem, Masses, Te Deum, Grand Motets,
    If you are looking for the best of Sacred Music, you will find all that you
    want in my Sacred Music Playlist. ( LAMIRAL45)
    I would advise you to listen the gorgeous mass of Schubert in latin in my
    ( Mass in C major D452) It ‘s a great rendition ; I hope you ‘ll like also
    my photos of The Cathedral of Paris ! It’s the better place to hear sacred
    music and feel the divine atmosphere !
    God bless you,
    Kind regards,

    BakedBeans x says:

    Im not sure if its a choir song but i have heard this song quite a lot but
    have no idea what its called or who its from. It sounds like it is being
    sung by a group of young boys. I think some of the lyrics go ‘Light up the
    skyyyyyy, my wanderous knight’. It’s so annoying been trying to look for
    ages. I’m hoping somebody who loves choir music recognise the song

    Palma deNigris says:

    i used to know this piece as “adagio for strings” not agnus Dei…

    k4k 1ok says:

    I am at a dreadfully low point in my life. I sit here listening to this
    heavenly music with tears rolling down my face and I am an alpha male. I
    just wish the spirit would enter my soul and and make things better.

    Toelzerfanclever says:

    The whole CD now public here at YT ? Is the CD no more anywhere to
    purchase ?

    tSp289 says:

    The Samuel Barber piece is the only piece of classical music I recognise by
    an American composer, but I have to say it’s stunning. Also, re: the
    theological debate going on below…. Well, it’s just dumb. I am not even
    slightly religious, but I’m aware many of the best things in the world were
    made by people trying to reach out to God/s. Don’t make it about religion
    vs. science, as if only science matters. Art, culture, music, architecture
    draw as much from religion as they do from science, and they would be
    poorer without either one.

    CyprusHot says:

    Whenever I can’t sleep, this soothes my mind and always helps me to sleep.
    Love it.

    Vercingetorix Gaul says:


    atilio castro says:

    Excelente concierto, de lo más bello que he escuchado en mi vida. Muchas
    gracias LAMIRAL.

    Ebony Archon says:

    Honestly had I the chance, I would join a choral choir. I enjoy this type
    of music

    Rexsy Advexsys says:

    *World Sacred Music…Wisdom…Beauty!*

    Franklin P. Uroda says:

    Barber’s “Agnus Dei” is so moving. Perfect Good Friday/Holy Saturday

    Huong Nguyen says:

    Singing is three time praying.

    Lord Rick says:

    Some of the most beautiful music you will ever hear in your life. What am I
    doing right now? Well since I have tons of cases to add to our paranormal
    site that is what I am doing now is working on them so we can put them out.
    Anyhow enjoy these sacred masterpieces sang by The Choir of New College,
    Oxford! Although I am a man of science I do not take for granted beauty in
    its purest forms like these timeless pieces from Mozart. Ill be around if
    anyone needs me although need is a strong word the thought of someone
    needing me would bring me some joy. Time to get back to work have a great
    night you know I will or already am. It is awfully a very quiet Friday
    night it is like that Pink Floyd verse:

    “Hello? Hello? Hello?
    Is there anybody in there?
    Just nod if you can hear me.”


    Bernabé García says:
    cristian deheleanu says:

    Exceptional !

    Enzo Caprioli says:

    Magnifica la musica, cantate divinamente. I vostri acuti mi arrivano al
    cuore. Vi ascolterei per ore.

    shnimmuc says:

    How about Haydn who wrote some of the greatest masses of any period. Poor
    Haydn is always forgotten, when much of his religious music is less work
    -a-day then Mozart`s.

    Martin Fisker says:

    Just absolutely beautiful. I come home from Work and relax to this. It
    takes away all your stress and worries, it takes you to another place. This
    is true meditation.

    Christine Vanderschelden says:


    DreamWeaver2020 says:

    This Music is transcendent, it is more than Mortal, more than Flesh and
    Blood created this Music. Stay open to the prompting of the Holy Spirit
    that is at work in the lives of all believers of the Way and those who
    recognize the one True Living God. Your Heart and Mind will be Transformed
    and level of Consciousness raised every day. We can then walk in the World
    and by Faith not be Soiled by it. May the Peace and Grace of Jesus be upon
    all, may you mediate and go deep – and Pray to be Chastised and be Humbled
    and Blessed enough to Deny yourself and Hear His Voice and Carry His Cross
    Daily .. every day ..

    Bratr Filip says:

    Beránku Boží, který snímáš hříchy světa. Smiluj se nad námi.

    Henry Mycroft says:

    Miserere mei, Deus @ 57:43 is my favorite. Beautiful!

    debbie martin says:

    Love this 

    Amravín de Schur says:

    Beautiful: A choir of young men singing the “Agnus Dei” from the New
    College Chapel in Oxford, England. 

    Rieven Martis says:

    Agnus Dei: The lamb of God. The choral arrangement of Samuel Barber’s
    Adagio for Strings.

    Jesse Krizik says:

    Liked it before Homeworld, loved it after.

    Wagner Vaz says:

    Seems to me it is Samuel Barber’s song – Adaggio for Strings !!

    Paul Smith says:

    I just realized this is the melody for Adagio for Strings from Platoon

    Blas Alcaraz says:


    Katherine Camplain says:
    Robert Johnson says:

    I think that this was very well done. Awesome 

    Radeir .Reis says:

    Sublime…Maravilhosa nave a nos levar às estrelas…amei …

    Barumbuza says:

    Magnifique !

    Agenor Batista says:

    Heavenly, incrível!

    Olivia Andrews says:

    Bring us the girl and wipe away the debt.

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