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Millions saw the amazing YouTube performance of Toto’s Africa by the Slovenian choir Perpetuum Jazzille as they recreated the sounds of a rainstorm solely with body percussion. This accessible arrangement will allow your choir to wow your audience the same way!

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Choir Video Africa (SATB Choir) Arranged By Roger Emerson

Africa (satb Choir) – Arranged By Roger Emerson
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  • Comments

    •meltdown _6• says:

    Doing this for choir 😀

    stella s4b0 says:

    We're doing this this year and in live it sound so amazing that I want to cry whenever we sing it

    Sarah Dennis says:

    We’re doing this song for music feast (something my choir does to raise funds and give the community an opportunity to see our choir) and the theme for this year was 80’s and we’ve broken into song 1000 times when anyone would mention this song so of course my choir teacher found this to be the best fit. Needless to say I don’t think anyone is disappointed that this is our group piece.

    Andrea Umba says:

    This sounds wonderful and amazing

    Weez says:

    I don't want to be the one person who picks apart this arrangement, because don't get me wrong its amazing, but you've completely butchered the ending! The drum patterns in the end is missing a drum fill, and theres an entire repeat missing, not to mention the amazing solo that goes with it. if it weren't for that, I would being love with this tune. Another thing, at the beginning of each chorus, the beats are off, when they say "- a lot to drag me away-", they're coming in late and adding an extra beat, totally ruining the flow.

    Roman Turner says:

    what key is this in?

    Roman Turner says:

    This is great song and just recently actually we sung this with your music and I played the piano and It was amazing. We are going to do it again next year.

    isadora v says:

    Oh my lorddd I would kill to perform this with my choir

    Camille McKenzie says:

    This is lovely

    Jenna Keith says:

    I want to do this for choir so badly 😂😂😂

    Edit: we might get to! We're trying to convince our director

    Mary Scott says:

    My friends performed this in choir it was select choir. Select choir is more advanced than the concert or bel canto choir

    Maalik M says:

    We're doing this for our Spring Concert. Wish us luck!

    Friendly Biscuit says:

    I got to preform this in chior. It was one of the most fun songs to sing at the concert!

    SquishyyGhost says:

    I'm cracking up.
    Choir music combined with a meme I can't

    slender turtles says:

    I love this song

    Dominichi's Planespotting says:

    Wow! Lovely arrangement.

    MsSoundguy says:

    It's not how I'd usually pick a piece, but I've ended a fairly miserable week, saw this was new, played it, and before long I started imaging directing our chorus, me weaving side to side, them smiling and beaming, and the audience clapping on 2 and 4. Just one giant high time in the ol' auditorium. Thanks for a wonderful end to a horrible week. This will be highly recommended when it's music committee time.

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