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Title: Africa
Melody and lyrics by David Paich and Jeff Porcaro
Performed by Angel City Chorale
Soloists Rich Kennedy, Tommy Lamb, Tina Mitro, and Duff Watrous

Artistic Director, Sue Fink
Video edited by, Alex Chaloff, Annika Benitz
Performance inspired by Eric Whitacre,, and Perpetuum Jazzile,

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Choir Video Africa Angel City Chorale

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Africa – Angel City Chorale
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    Maks Mononoke says:

    not bad for a white choir lol

    James meme says:

    By far some of the best Choir work I have even seen.. I am absolutely blown away by this…. I hope to see more of this… WOW…..

    Naomi Esther says:

    i was laughing so much when they jumped 😂😂😂 it's amazing tho

    Naomi Esther says:

    the hand thing is so clever

    Terry Cartwright says:

    This has made waking up this morning so worth while,brilliantXXX

    Dan Cooney says:

    so beautiful! can't get enough of this! thank you, ACC! <3

    steve njoro says:

    How beatufil..all white faces singing about Africa.reminds me of all white trading in slaves. 😜😜 cute

    Madam Jones says:


    Ffion Davies says:


    Кудза Балед says:

    copy =( see original

    Becky Kalata says:

    What is the name of this particular song they are singing in this video?  Africa?  I am trying to find the lyrics.

    DonQuixote109 says:

    Someone affiliated with this group has seen Perpetuum Jazzile's a capella arrangement.
    Done nicely.

    gary dodson says:

    Toto would be proud that you did this !!!

    Scott Armato says:

    I've listened to this five times in the past two days and my the contentment in my life has increased exponentially.

    Russian Propaganda says:

    The clicking just sounds like me jacking off

    Rebecca Tran says:

    the rain sound effects at the beginning were so incredibly clever! but man don't even get me started on the rest of the arrangment. both the choir and the band were phenomenal

    Linda Christensen says:

    This is one of the best performances in the World !!!!!!

    Katie Baker says:

    The stuff with the hands is the same bloody routine I did to this song in year 8 of school oh my god… the memories

    certified space bisexual says:

    i have so many chills

    crstardust says:


    Nils Hedstrom says:

    Just amazing! Great choir, great Lead vocals and great band! Good that you filmed the whole choir and Lead singers but would have liked to see a little more of the Drummer, Bassist and the others, should have filmed the drummer during the three fill-in's he does to the choruses, but still great performance! Btw. You can't listen to this in a mobile speaker(Takes away to much of it), to get the most out of this amazing performance i recomend to have a pair of really god headphones or speakers, a much better experience with that, you can really hear all the of the choir and bass if you do so! Really deserves all the likes but not any disslikes! I have been playing drums for 8 years and my dream is to play this song with such a choir!

    Christopher Prentice says:

    The rain storm sounds are really what I love about this! I don't mean to take away from the great singing that follows, but that doesn't seem to be the groundbreaking part of this. Bravi, all!

    watersfan says:

    It's difficult to express with words how truly amazing this is

    Helen Munro says:

    I just loved this sooooo much………..wonderful. Give us MORE

    elizabeth scully says:

    I listen to this almost everyday. Fabulous! Wonderful arrangement and interpretation. Uplifting. Inspiring

    I began to sing long before I could talk says:

    When the chorus drops.. I was like a porcupine

    dave velez says:

    This is beautifully done. i was a teenager when this song came out.

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