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SEP 8 / Competition Ethnic & Classical Equal (all)

1. Assol (Russia)
2. Peace Singers (Korea)
3. Univirsity of Mindanao Chorale (Philippines)_1st winner
4. Hanbit Choir (Korea)
5. Ligao National High School Voice Choral (Philippines)_2nd winner
6. JOA Ladies Singers (Korea)_3rd winner
7. Mapua Cardinal Singers (Philippines)
8. Women’s Choir in Geumjoenggu, Busan (Korea)
9. Voice of Bali (Indonesia)

Classical Equal:
1. Haeundae Women’s Choir (Korea)
2. Dongnaegu OKSAEM (Korea)
3. Bomnae Trinity Chamber Choir (Korea)_1st winner
4. AZsingers (Japan)_3rd winner
5. Mapo Women’s Choir)_2nd winner

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Choir Video 2017 Busan Choral Festival Competition

2017 Busan Choral Festival & Competition
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    Yumi Furukawa says:

    Mapua is known for champion in international but over shadowed by some fellow contendors Filipino. Congrats philippines for getting the 1st and 2nd.

    Gunk Angga says:

    Voice of Bali…

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